My First Days Back at Work

Originally, Matt and I had planned for me to potentially take all of the Paid Family Leave (PFL) that California allowed for bonding which would allow me to return to work on January 29th. To do this, I’d started interviewing for several positions to find the right one for when I was ready to return. This included interviewing at a company I’d worked at several years ago for over three years (leaving when the company I had been contracting through had lost their contract), and an innovative start up. All my interviews went well, and after considering all offers, I chose the one at the start up. This meant I had to return to work earlier than anticipated, on January 2nd.


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William is Ten Weeks Old 

As new parents, one of our focuses is on sleep. Does he sleep enough – according to many reports he should sleep a lot more than he does, though he is finally starting to sleep a bit more through the night. I wonder if that will change now that I’m will be at work for many hours a day as he’d prefer to get in as much breastfeeding time as he can.

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