William is 23 Weeks Old

Every week William amazes me with how much more active and engaged with his surroundings he is becoming. I’ve been telling people for a long time that he wants so much to crawl, to stand to walk, that I just sense his determination even though his body isn’t there yet.


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Jason’s Party and Easter Preparation

Matt has been friends with Jason since they were young kids. He has great parties at his house which are attended by many adults and his twin boys who are now 6. When we arrived I showed William a Jack in the Box, and he seemed rather nonchalant about it, even after a few tries.

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William’s First Easter

Although I usually put William into the church nursery, I looked forward to taking him to the Sunrise Easter service at church. It took quite a bit of effort to get us both ready to go. Somehow we were there early.

The chairs were set up on the stairs outside to catch a glimpse of the sunrise to our right sides.

I wasn’t sure if William would sleep or be awake. He stayed awake the entire half hour service.

As always Pastor Mariellen got really into the tone of her service.

These are probably the most animated photos I have of her preaching.

The sun came up adding beautiful light to the service. At the end we had Alyss play the role of Mary Magdalene who was the first witness to Jesus after his resurrection.

It was such a beautifully acted out sermon, half ad libbed to include answers to questions from the audience. I was glad I was in attendance and that I’d brought William.

That afternoon it was time to see our relatives in San Mateo and celebrate the commercial part of Easter. While we waited for everyone to arrive we gave William the toy from his Godmother and Godbrother. With it on it lights up and makes lots of noise.

William liked it a lot, even when it was in the off mode.

At five months he was the youngest child there and received a lot of attention, even from other children.

This year there was a special Easter egg hidden for adults amongst the eggs hidden for kids. The finder of this one would win tickets to a home SF Giants game of their choice. I felt confident I’d find it, but instead Matt did even though he was carrying William at the time.

William received three Easter baskets this year. From left to right, they are from Aunt Gina and Uncle Pat (our hosts for Easter), me and Candy. We put it all out for him to see all his great presents.

Contained are some great toys and books. Some of the items are educational and some just for fun.

He did not like wearing these bunny ears at all. At one point, one of the dogs running in the house had them on and was wearing them happily. Unfortunately the dog was too fast for me to take a photo.

He did like this bunny which makes noises and has ears that wiggle.

I enjoyed showing him his new book which has buttons to be pressed to make musical sounds for him.

We ate outside on the back patio. William wore a new bib from his Easter basket. In the light Matt’s shirt and Matt’s eyes appear the same color.

We had a great time today enjoying so many wonderful parts of Easter.

~ Danielle