William is Three Weeks Old 

William is three weeks old today. Some of the advice we are given below suggests how helpful a pacifier can be. In our experience William is not a huge fan of pacifiers in general, spitting out several kinds on all tries. He does take a Nuk pacifier some of the time. I’d say he will take one a fifth of the time. Most of the time when he’s fussy it’s that he needs to eat (most common) or he needs to be changed.

~ Danielle

William is Two Weeks Today

Today our baby is two weeks old. As described below he uses crying as his main communication method, though I’d argue it’s not his only. We’ve come to realize when he wants to nurse he sticks his tongue out, occasionally smacks his lips and almost always moves his head around in a rooting, head butting manner to show he knows what he wants – milk and more of it.

William is One Week Today

Our son William is one week old today. As Dr. G had planned from the beginning of my pregnancy to deliver our child at 39 weeks his birthday had been planned for October 23rd, yet today in addition to being the day he is one week old was his technical due date. It’s so great having him home and learning about who he is personality wise and development wise as well.