Reflections on 100 Days of Blogging 

On March 26, 2017, I wrote my first post to this blog and 99 days later, yesterday, I  wrote my 100th post. I didn’t know when I started I’d be blogging every day, in fact on the first day I asked a gifted writer friend of mine to help me check on the blog and keep me motivated, which so far he hasn’t needed to do. Today will be reflections on what I’ve learned from blogging thus far.

One of the first things is how valuable even casual pics are. I happened to take this selfie at my then job, my Estimated Conception Date of February 3rd.

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23 Weeks – Size of a Large Mango 

This week our baby is 23 weeks, yhe size of a large mango so about 11 inches long and a pound on weight.  We were unable to find a large mango at our grocery store, so we substituted a papaya of the right length which I paired with a water bottle for size comparison.

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23 Week Check Up

Yesterday Matt, Candy and I went to my 23 week check up with Dr. G. In this appointment, like the one before it he did not take any sonograms, so in this blog entry I will include some of my favorite sonograms so far. This was the first series of ones we received, looking at them even now I still can’t make out a lot of the structures I knew he saw but it was so great to have them. We didn’t even realize at the time that not all babies at 6 week will show a fetal pole heartbeat (and can still be normal and healthy), so we were very lucky to have the sound confirmation so soon in my pregnancy.

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My First StairMaster Pregnancy Workout 

Yesterday I had my 23 week check up with my OB, Dr. G. The appointment went well and I’ll be blogging about it in detail tomorrow. One of the main questions I asked him was about trying something else exercise wise as I was finding just walking, which I’ve been doing for the bulk of my workouts too boring. This is not new for me, I love mixing up workouts which I was I’ve done so many hybrid workout programs and should try Crossfit after enough time has gone by for me to heal from my delivery. I was hoping to get cleared to jog even a little, however, Dr. G said it was too high impact for my pregnancy. Instead he suggested a piece of equipment I hadn’t even considered at this time, The StairMaster.

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Liz Lange Maternity Jeggings – Product Review

I currently have three pairs of maternity jeans type pieces of clothing. I first reviewed my Indigo Maternity blue jeans, and now it’s time to review my Liz Lange Maternity Jeggings. I had heard about the jeggings concept years before, yet had never purchased a pair prior to my pregnancy. I had heard comments that jeggings don’t look exactly like real jeans and would be spotted easily for the hybrid product they are. I don’t think that is the case at all for these, in fact, most of the time I just think about these as regular jeans, which is definitely a plus for me.

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Team in Training Casino Night – Throw Back Thursday

On this day six years ago I co-hosted a Casino Style Fundraiser to raise money for Team in Training (aka TNT) benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. One of my favorite parts of the evening was our fantastic photo booth. Looking at these photos years later puts such a smile on my face as I was by so many great friends, a few whom have moved away. This one of Kathy, who I ran many races including the Nike Women’s Half Marathon and Jessica a great friend from work. This TNT session allowed me to run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon for the second time.

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Case Management Program (Formerly Little Stars)

Several weeks ago when trying to find out if our insurance covers prenatal or maternity classes (it doesn’t) the rep recommended a program to me called Little Stars, a program that evoked images like this one of the stars over Carmel the night Matt and I got married in this beautiful picture Candy bought us as an anniversary present.

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