TeamCrush Boutique’s Clip in Colored Extensions – Product Review 

For some time now I’ve enjoyed experimenting with putting different colors in my hair. At first I was using hair chalk to do so, yet it was really messy and tended to get all over surfaces during application and my clothes that I wore. So, taking the advice of a professional hairdresser friend, I switched to hair extensions. I found almost every color I could imagine and yet, I still wanted more variety. To my amazement and delight, I found a shop on Etsy that had clips on in two and even three colors. TeamCrush Boutique, a shop run by Jessia, features clips on in many color combinations including these which I ordered:

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SF Giants Game with Candy and Matt – Throw Back Thursday 

On Saturday it will be three years ago that Matt, Candy and I went to a special SF Giants game together. Looking at our outfits I was able to determine that it was Italian Heritage Night. This theme is one of personal pride to them both as Matt’s late dad was of Italian heritage.

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Katie and Cliff’s Anniversary Party 

On Saturday Matt, Candy and I, along with many other guests helped Katie and Cliff celebrate their wedding anniversary at the Elk’s Lodge in San Jose. The number 17 was significant in that the date of their anniversary was the 17th, this year is 2017, and having married in 2000, this was their 17th anniversary as well. Cliff planned the party as a surprise to Katie who did not know he had organized a party and invited so many of their friends to celebrate with them.

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So You’re Gonna Be a Dad – Now What? – Book Review

Candy and I both gave Matt books for his Father to Be Day on Sunday. I chose “So You’re Gonna Be a Dad – Now What?” by Scott Patchin as the first one to review. This book is short, only 78 pages of advice, so it could be read in one quick reading if desired, or even skimmed through then read carefully again at another time.


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21 Weeks – Size of a Carrot

Our baby this week is the size of a carrot, an estimated ten and a half inches in length and 3/4 of a pound in weight. For comparison I put a carrot next to the Parents Magazine that just arrived today starting our subscription. In this week baby begins to swallow as well as breathe in amniotic fluid.

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Father to Be Day Celebration 

Today Candy visited Matt and I to help us celebrate Matt’s first Father’s Day as Father to Be. Matt told me it had was a great and new experience to have his coworkers tell wish him a Happy Father’s Day on Friday. Here we had cards, gifts and a special sign I put on a chalkboard to represent our child’s message to him.

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The Halfway Point Milestone and Beyond 

One way my pregnancy has been measured is in time, both the amount I’ve been pregnant and the time left until baby’s estimated due date. Though many people think of pregnancy as nine months, it’s really 40 weeks as the baby is considered two weeks along at Estimated Conception Date. With this in mind, our baby reached the half way point last week, so it’s a good time to show a few more bump photos.

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