Mama Bee Belly Butter – Product Review – Part One

Even since I learned I was pregnant, I’ve been more conscious of products I put into and on my body. I switched shampoo and conditioner and carefully looked for moisturizers as my skin tends to be dry, and I heard it might get progressively drier in pregnancy.  I looked forward to using this as it’s from one of my favorite green and animal friendly company’s Burt’s Bees.
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I’m WrestleMania 31 On Sale Party and RAW – Throw Back Thursday

In honor of the WWE PPV Matt and I attended last weekend, Payback, this week’s Throw Back Thursday focus is the Wrestlemania 31 On Sale Party we attended in 2014. Matt and I had originally planned to get General Admission tickets to the party, however, soon after buying our Wrestlemania tickets early online, were  given a chance to buy VIP party tickets for a more interactive experience.

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Payback – WWE PPV with my Bump and Our Friends

Matt and I have always been huge professional wrestling fans, having both followed the sports entertainment since when we were kids, when the WWE was known as the WWF. We’ve attended Wrestlemania 31 (and other Wrestlemania week events), a house show and two RAW episodes.

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The Handmaid’s Tale – Book Review

This week, I review modern classic, “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood. I had originally read the book as a teenager, and was inspired to reread and review it after learning more about the new Hulu series that has been adapted from the book. Even after having read it once and remembered a lot of it vividly, and having seen the original movie adapted from it, it was a good experience revisiting the story. I’ve heard that the series so far has updated several aspects of the novel, however, having not started that yet, this review will only cover the book.

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NIPT Results and Sharing News with My Church

This is one of my favorite posts to have written so far, as it gives me the opportunity to share wonderful news. On Wednesday I got a call the geneticist regarding my NIPT Test. We had been expecting the results a week later, so it was with great joy that I got them early and was told that baby tested negative for trisomies 13, 18 and 21. Down’s Syndrome, the latter one, was the most likely if any were present, but the test showed a genetically healthy baby. I was in happy tears as I told Matt and his mom, separately by phone, and celebrated with having Matt take my first bump pics. Continue reading “NIPT Results and Sharing News with My Church”

Pregnancy and Job Changes 

Ever since December 2016 I’d been working at a company I’ll call Company A, through an employment agency I’ll call Employer E. While I had known when I accepted the assignment that it was a temporary position, there had been talk that there might be an extension. Unfortunately due to budget shortfall, myself and all others had our contracts end early.

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