About Me

Welcome! I’m Danielle, a 44-year-old first time mom to be, living with my wonderful husband, Matt, 40, our son, William, and our mischievous black cat, Inky.

On March 3, 2017, we received the exciting news that I was pregnant. Next to my wedding day, it is probably the next happiest day of my marriage. I was very fortunate to get pregnant naturally or what the medical establishment often calls a spontaneous pregnancy.


A few weeks later, Matt and I were celebrating my birthday up in Pleasanton on the day after St. Patrick’s Day with friends. I put green clip ons in my hair to celebrate. The Team Perri shirt took on a whole new meaning as we are adding a new team member. Here we are posing for a photo after helping a local veterans charity send packages to our enlisted men and women. We are both so grateful to the many men and women who have served, will serve and our serving our country in t his manner.


Our wedding day on Monastery Beach in Carmel by the Sea was wonderful. The day may have been overcast, yet it was the perfect day as I got to marry my best friend.


This is Inky, though we are not sure how old she is, a vet’s estimate puts her at about 14 years old. We love her so much and she will be appearing on my blog from time to time often with silly props like this Oscar trophy model.


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