Our Last In Person Lactation Consultation 

On Wednesday we had our last scheduled visit with my Lactation Consultant, Donna. As I’ve been a bit producing more milk since we started, this visit was to help fine tune the progress I have been making. As always, William vocally protested the naked weigh in. He is now close to 10 lbs in weight.

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Lactation Consultant Second Visit

One of the best indicators of how feeding is going for a baby is by weight.  As is typical, our Lactation Consultant, Donna weighed William several times throughout his appointment. With just a diaper on (with a negligible weight, yet it also is weighed and subtracted), it is apparent he is gaining weight. Still, as the goal is for him to be weaned off formula and take in only breastmilk as soon as is possible and beneficial for him, we are hoping a lot of that weight gain is not from formula. He is currently getting about eight ounces of formula over two feedings, so most of his feedings, six or so daily, are entirely or in large part made up only of breastmilk.

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Our Lactation Consultant – First Visit 

Though I have had and will continue to have disagreements about what our insurance should cover for our son, I was thrilled to discover our insurance covered six lactation consultations. The Lactation Consultant (LC), Donna, called me the day before to confirm and to remind me to bring my breast pump with me. I packed it and the other related supplies in the Tactical Diaper Bag which had room for it, but little else as the pump itself is quite large.

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