Roman Reigns and Monday Night RAWs – Throw Back Thursday

Three years ago Matt and I saw Wrestlemania in San Jose. We had attended the Monday Night RAW the following night and they had announced another RAW show in August. When it was finally our time to get seats after waiting in the long line, I joked we’d be in the last row. Matt was more optimistic, in fact he was pretty confident Roman Reigns would enter right near our section. It turns out he was right.


We had an amazing time at the show. The lineup featured a tribute to Rowdy Roddy Piper who had just passed on, and some other fantastic moments including having Seth trash talk his rival and the whole audience using their cell phones to be the “firefly” effect for the Wyatt Family’s promo that  I put in a collage.

Roman Reigns I

Matt and I  had proudly wore our Suplex City San Jose Shirts to that first RAW. Unfortunately, that was the shirt of Roman Reign’s main rival. While we both cheered on many wrestlers, Roman was the only one Matt mentioned in our wedding vows, that he would cheer on Roman with me.

our wedding

So as a major fan, when we went to RAW another time, I made sure to wear Roman’s shirt and stickers on my face, in case he came down our section a second time, which he did.



Our friends were amazed we were two for two with this. Matt had even joked he should buy a Powerball Ticket, but neither of us has.

On Monday RAW will again come to the SAP Center. With a new job for me that I can’t  leave early from and William, there is no way for us to attend. Still, I look forward to bringing him to wrestling events in a few years when he can appreciate them.

~ Danielle

2017 Women’s March – Throw Back Thursday

Last year on January 21st, I participated in the Women’s March in San Jose. It was a historic day for myself and many women, men, and children of all ages as we participated to show our feelings and responses to the results of the Presidential election. I was honored to be one of the Peace Ambassadors chosen, along with my friend, Mei-Hsia, to help with crowd control so that the event would be an orderly one. That day I wore a pink cat hat as did many women and a Giving Key with Faith on it.

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Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience at The Retro Dome – Throw Back Thursday

Every so often my Facebook program On This Day reminds me of a time I hadn’t thought about in many years. This was the case when the memory for the time Colleen and I went to The Retro Dome for the Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience. This was the second time I’d seen Rocky Horror, the first had been in a theater as a teenager in a rite of passage as most people my age had gone. This time, I knew a bit more what it would be like, so I decided to dress up in costume as one of the characters, Magenta.

Rocky horror costume

I was so excited to be going that in my naivete I posted a picture of our tickets, complete with a scannable bar code on Facebook. Luckily, no one used them to get in before us.

retro dome

Colleen and I had a lot of fun with the show. There are a lot of songs that the actors on film, the actors on stage and the audience sing. For this reason this show, as many at the Retro Dome were, was a sing along for everyone. After the show the actors graciously allowed people to take photos with them. The first one I found was of course the actress playing Magenta. As I had an authentic costume (at least according to the package) I was surprised that mine was so much shinier and with a shorter apron. I also didn’t have the option of the maid hat.

Rocky Horror

Everyone wanted to have their photo taken with the actors, so I really appreciated the actor playing Rif Raff sticking around to let me take a photo with him as well. I’m amazed that I don’t have a single photo of Colleen from this event. She didn’t have a costume on, yet it would be fun to have a photo of what she wore.

rocky horror 2

Colleen and I would went to several other events at The Retro Dome including the last event when we heard it was closing down. It was a great place to have a fun and inexpensive night out. I will have to go to a Rocky Horror event again at some point, and perhaps also go some day with Matt and William when he is old enough to stay up and appreciate it.

~ Danielle

NYE 2015 – Throw Back Thursday

New Year’s Eve 2015 was a night of many firsts for Matt and I. We had decided many months before that to have an amazing NYE, the best way was to find an amazing party and stay there all night. After much consideration Matt, Candy and I decided to spend the evening at The Fairmont in San Jose.

us NYE

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Family Christmas Decorations – Throw Back Thursday 

Last year was the first year Matt and I celebrated Christmas as husband and wife. It was also the year we added many new ornaments to the tree, several of which had to do with celebrating our first married Christmas. This ornament was so pretty having a beautiful intricate design on each face.

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Our First Thanksgiving as Mr. and Mrs. – Throw Back Thursday (TBT)

A year ago Matt and I had our first thanksgiving as a married couple in our apartment. It was also the first year either of us had tried to cook our own turkey (though we had both assisted someone else doing so before). We followed the recipe of a chef he admires greatly, Thomas Keller. It lead to a great meal and a funny story involving a mishap with the turkey.


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Giants 2014 World Series Victory Parade – Throw Back Thursday 

A little over years ago The San Francisco Giants were poised to make history if they could come back from being behind in the World Series games to win on the road in Game 7, a feat no team had done in 42 years. One of their biggest fans, Matt, was cynical at this time and doubted they’d do it, however, the team went onto make history and won their third even year World Series. As it happened Matt and I both had the day off from work the day of their victory parade, him as he’d asked work for the day off to help his mom decorate for his party, and me as I’d asked my supervisor way back when they were in the Division Play Offs if they won if I could have the day off, and so we, along with Candy went to our first victory parade. (A huge thank you to Matt who took most of these photos.)

10658553_1556604711237505_163852115179669258_o (1)

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