Happy Birthday (Week), Aunt Carol – Throw Back Thursday 

While my Aunt Carol celebrated her birthday in its true day which was Monday, in her words she’s had and is having a week of celebrations to fit in her friends in small groups. As a very social person, this fits her perfectly.

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Happy (Early) Birthday, Mom – Throw Back Thursday 

As my mom’s birthday is coming up in two days, my Throw Back Thursday is dedicated to her. She’s a huge fan of how she looked on my wedding day (and she should be, she looked wonderful!), so I’ll use some photos of that day.  One of her passions is black and white movies, where the distraction of color does not exist and just the details and emotions shine through. I converted this photo of us in our hotel room waiting to leave for pictures and the ceremony.

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Kari’s Birthday and Surprise Engagement – Throw Back Thursday 

A little over a year ago on August 6th, Matt and I were invited to our friend, Kari’s birthday party by her boyfriend, Michael. Everyone was instructed to wear white, which most people did. Michael had asked for some volunteers for a special birthday surprise for Kari and I volunteered. I had an idea what the special surprise was and I was right, he proposed to her while the volunteers sent champagne into the air.


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July 4, 2014 at San Jose Giants – Throw Back Thursday

As mentioned yesterday, Candy, Matt and I have attended the San Jose Giants Game every 4th of July followed by fireworks for several years. In looking amongst my photos I was surprised by how few photos I had of us attending these events including not having one of our first game together in 2013. However, I do have one from the 2014 game. I love this moment in time captured in our faces.


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Team in Training Casino Night – Throw Back Thursday

On this day six years ago I co-hosted a Casino Style Fundraiser to raise money for Team in Training (aka TNT) benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. One of my favorite parts of the evening was our fantastic photo booth. Looking at these photos years later puts such a smile on my face as I was by so many great friends, a few whom have moved away. This one of Kathy, who I ran many races including the Nike Women’s Half Marathon and Jessica a great friend from work. This TNT session allowed me to run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon for the second time.

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SF Giants Game with Candy and Matt – Throw Back Thursday 

On Saturday it will be three years ago that Matt, Candy and I went to a special SF Giants game together. Looking at our outfits I was able to determine that it was Italian Heritage Night. This theme is one of personal pride to them both as Matt’s late dad was of Italian heritage.

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Memories with our fathers – Throw Back Thursday 

With Father’s Day coming up on Sunday, my Throw Back Thursday will focus on meaningful pics of Matt’s father and my father. Though Matt’s dad passed on when he was three, from all I’ve heard both our dads were very hands on parents and my guess is they would have liked each other a lot,  and found they had a lot in common including loving sports and dogs had they been able to meet one another. Matt and I  have framed photos of our dads in matching silver frames.

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