Our First Thanksgiving as Mr. and Mrs. – Throw Back Thursday (TBT)

A year ago Matt and I had our first thanksgiving as a married couple in our apartment. It was also the first year either of us had tried to cook our own turkey (though we had both assisted someone else doing so before). We followed the recipe of a chef he admires greatly, Thomas Keller. It lead to a great meal and a funny story involving a mishap with the turkey.


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Giants 2014 World Series Victory Parade – Throw Back Thursday 

A little over years ago The San Francisco Giants were poised to make history if they could come back from being behind in the World Series games to win on the road in Game 7, a feat no team had done in 42 years. One of their biggest fans, Matt, was cynical at this time and doubted they’d do it, however, the team went onto make history and won their third even year World Series. As it happened Matt and I both had the day off from work the day of their victory parade, him as he’d asked work for the day off to help his mom decorate for his party, and me as I’d asked my supervisor way back when they were in the Division Play Offs if they won if I could have the day off, and so we, along with Candy went to our first victory parade. (A huge thank you to Matt who took most of these photos.)

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My Baby Shower – Throw Back Thursday

Six weeks ago I was blessed to have an absolutely wonderful baby shower. I was told to arrive early and when I got there Candy’s living room was already full of so many presents, just like it is when she hosts Christmastime at her home.


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Halloween at Disneyland – Throw Back Thursday 

One of the great things about looking at older photos is using them to remember how things were, and then realizing all the great ways things have changed. In October of 2013 Matt and I joined four friends for a couples trip to Disneyland to celebrate Halloween early. We were met at the gate by Matt’s friend who he affectionately refers to as his cousin, Gary.

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Take Flight for Kids – Throw Back Thursday

Six years ago when I was still photographing weddings on a very part time basis, I was invited to help out with a charity, Take Flight for Kids. The charity invited children with disabilities and or special needs to go up with a pilot and parent or guardian on a small plane around Reid Airport. The children got to experience being an unofficial copilot for the day, though of course the real pilots had full control of the airplanes.

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Our Engagement Photo Session in Carmel – Throw Back Thursday

Two years ago on September 20th Matt and I had our engagement session in Monterey and Carmel, two of our favorite towns. We chose to have our first setting be the Monterey Bay Aquarium one of our favorite places to enjoy together. As we discussed with our photographer, Chance James, who also photographed our wedding, we knew it would make for some amazing and unique images like this one of fish swimming above our heads.


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Our First Apartment Together – Throw Back Thursday 

Four years ago as of yesterday, Matt and I moved in together to a one bedroom apartment in San Jose. Then, as is true now, our work schedules differed, so some of the tasks such as choosing the color for our accent walls, fell to him as he was there at a time when I was still working. We had debated a set called the blues and a red orange set whose name I cannot recall and he ended up choosing the latter which sort of looks like SF Giants orange in some photos and more red in others. Here’s Matt on our move in day with our dining room table which we still have and use.

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