30 Week Growth Scan

I looked forward to my 30 week growth scan, in large part as it offered the possibility to perhaps have another 3D picture of our baby or two. I made mid early appointment as it had been challenging to find parking last time when I had had to go at the end of the day. I was delighted I would be seeing the delightful Dr. W for this appointment.

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Two Hour Glucose Tolerance Test

Dr. G had told me not to read lots of pregnancy information online, a policy I’m admittedly not good on at all. When Dr. G’s nurse had given me the information on the Glucose Tolerance Test to test for Gestational Diabetes,  I had been surprised as I had read a lot about it online, including that it was a one hour test, and if you failed that, there was a three hour test. So I was totally confused when the paperwork stated I would be taking a two hour test, a concept  had not considered at all.

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Anatomy Scan Part Two and 3D Pictures

As the sonographer was unable to get all the pictures that we needed at my last anatomy screen appointment: a face profile and a few heart pictures, I had to have my second session today. The baby cooperated more than s/he had last time so she was able to get many of the heart ones right away. To my delight she also took some 3D ones letting me us see baby’s face and one hand for the first time.



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Anatomy Scan

This week I had two baby related appointments. The first was was Maternal Fetal Medicine and has many names. It’s known as a 20 week scan though it’s possible to have it done from 18 – 20 weeks 6 days, an anatomy scan, a detail scan and in some places and countries the anomaly scan. To me calling it the detail scan makes lots of sense as they do take many pictures of details of the bay including this one which is the feet, which I wouldn’t have been able to figure out for posting purposes had it not been labeled for me.


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Stanford’s Free Skin Cancer Screening Clinic 

A few years ago I’d heard, correctly, that Stanford offers free skin cancer screenings once a year. Since people I knew including my mom had had suspicious moles removed, and as I have lots of freckles and some moles it seemed like a good idea to go. All was good, yet they recommended especially as someone with fair skin that I consider getting annual screens. A few weeks ago something reminded me of that opportunity and I saw to my surprise it was coming up soon. So on June 3rd, prior to celebrating Candy’s birthday with her, I was able to get in another free cancer screening.

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Urgent Care Visit for Heavy Cough 

When I had my first OB appointment with Dr. G, he gave me a bunch of literature on pregnancy including a yellow sheet with over the counter medicines I could take safely during my pregnancy. Now, with a cough lasting three days and  getting especially worse this morning, I decided to start my day at Urgent Care. As I was there early, I was the second patient signed in. The triage nurse had me put on a mask and gown.

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