William’s Two Month Pediatric Visit and Day After

Although William was 10 weeks old and not 8, this he had the appointment known as the Two Month Pediatric Appointment on Thursday. It was a bit delayed due to the schedule of the pediatrician at the holiday time. At the time the appointment had been made I had not accepted the job I am at now. So, I had anticipated that Matt and I would all go together. Instead, Candy went on my behalf to this, the first appointment at which he would start his vaccination schedule. As usual, William cried during the naked weigh in as he prefers to stay warm.

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Two Pediatrician Appointments in One Week

When William and I were in the hospital after his birth, we both saw our individual doctors once a day in the morning. I soon learned that newborns have a lot of appointments and William would need to be seen soon the next week. As Dr. V did not have any openings at the beginning of the week, his first post hospital pediatrician visit was with Dr. F.


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Meet and Greet with Dr. V, Pediatrician 

Matt and I really like my OB, Dr. G, so we wanted to find a pediatrician similar to him. Dr. G had supplied us with two names of doctors meeting this criteria with one slightly more recommended as he had been in practice longer. Last week I talked to the first doctor on the list, Dr. V, who was a great fit even over the phone. In just a few minutes I learned a lot about just how similar he and Dr. G were from having the same first name and training, to having similar views on many things to coincidentally buying homes in the same neighborhood. He invited us to come down near the end of the day on Monday where he would find 10-15 minutes to talk with us.

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