NIPT Results and Sharing News with My Church

This is one of my favorite posts to have written so far, as it gives me the opportunity to share wonderful news. On Wednesday I got a call the geneticist regarding my NIPT Test. We had been expecting the results a week later, so it was with great joy that I got them early and was told that baby tested negative for trisomies 13, 18 and 21. Down’s Syndrome, the latter one, was the most likely if any were present, but the test showed a genetically healthy baby. I was in happy tears as I told Matt and his mom, separately by phone, and celebrated with having Matt take my first bump pics. Continue reading “NIPT Results and Sharing News with My Church”

Pregnancy and Job Changes 

Ever since December 2016 I’d been working at a company I’ll call Company A, through an employment agency I’ll call Employer E. While I had known when I accepted the assignment that it was a temporary position, there had been talk that there might be an extension. Unfortunately due to budget shortfall, myself and all others had our contracts end early.

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Mama to Be Tea Sampler – Product Review 

One of the recommendations pregnant women are given is to avoid high amounts of caffeine for the safety of their developing babies. As a result many women choose to significantly decrease the amount of caffeinated coffee and tea they drink. As only an occasional coffee drinker, giving up coffee entirely was easy for me. I do enjoy tea, however, so I was excited to try Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics’ Mama to Be Tea Sampler.

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Nike Women’s Half Marathon 2010 – Throw Back Thursday (TBT)

October 2017 will be the seventh anniversary of my running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon with my good friend, Kathy. In addition to making memories, the experience and the previous day’s race associated activities were captured by our friend Rachel Kumar. Her work can be seen at Shot by Rachel. All photos taken by and used with permission of Rachel. She did a wonderful job capturing everything in a documentary style including this active shot in which my eyes are closed, something common for me in photos.

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South Bay Hunger Crop Walk – 3 Miles

On Sunday, I was delighted to join eleven members of my church, Almaden Hills United Methodist Church, in walking the South Bay Hunger Crop Walk to help raise money to help feed members of our community and nation. We started our day by assembling at Herbert Hoover Middle School for a check in and group photo. I kept my rainbow hair clip on from our Reconciling Sunday event which occurred earlier in the day.

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All That is Left – Book Review

As The first three books I received directly related to maternity and motherhood, I decided it was time to review an off topic, just for fun rule book. I found the premise of All That is Left very intriguing, Stephen, estranged from his twin has to journey to a foreign country to retrieve his brother’s body and hopefully learn more about the mysterious death and just who his brother had become. Continue reading “All That is Left – Book Review”

Reconciliation Sunday – Love and Service in Action

January 29, 2017, is a day that changed my life forever as it was the date of my first visit to Almaden Hills United Methodist Church. Today was another special day for my as our church celebrated Reconciliation Sunday, reaffirm our commitment to welcoming the LGBTIA communities, the efforts of a committee of which I was proud member.

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Kate Spade New York Blake Avenue Taden Baby Bag – Product Review

A few weeks ago I was wavering between two bags, both were beautiful, though one was  more for evening use and another also beautiful the other more for everyday use. As I new mom to be I decided to go for practical and bought the Kate Spade New York Blake Avenue Taden Baby Bag that I’ve been using for over a week to evaluate.
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