200 Blog Posts

When I started this blog in March I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I’ve been able to have a blog post for each day, most written on the day posted, some written in advance and a few written the next day and back dated. I’ve taken a lot more pics than I would have without it (especially of Matt’s hand on my bump) and had fun sharing moments with readers who are friends as well as strangers to me.

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Graco Dream Suite Bassinet – Product Review

One task we definitely needed to do before I gave birth was to select and build a bassinet. We selected the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet due to some great features we saw in the store while comparison shopping.

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Halloween at Disneyland – Throw Back Thursday 

One of the great things about looking at older photos is using them to remember how things were, and then realizing all the great ways things have changed. In October of 2013 Matt and I joined four friends for a couples trip to Disneyland to celebrate Halloween early. We were met at the gate by Matt’s friend who he affectionately refers to as his cousin, Gary.

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Our Cat & My Pregnancy – Does She Know?

Our cat, Inky, has been with us for several years, a true family member with a tail. I’ve read some women’s narratives that their pets knew they were pregnant early on, in some cases before the women themselves knew. With Inky, this was not the case.

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Parenting Beyond Pink and Blue – Book Review 

As someone who is Team Green till my baby is born, the one question I can not answer is the most popular for people to ask me, is our child in utero a boy or a girl. As I wait to learn the answer to this, I’ve thought a lot about gender and expectations, so I eagerly chose “Parenting Beyond Pink & Blue” as this week’s book review.

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Our Baby at 37 Weeks – Size of Romaine Lettuce 

Our baby today is 37 weeks in gestation the size of Swiss Chard according to Baby Center or according to The Bump the size of Romaine Lettuce (which is what Baby Center used last week for comparison). This puts our baby at 19 inches and about 6 3/4 pounds. Though years ago doctors would have put our baby in the full term category, this is now considered early term.

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