William’s First Halloween 

One of the best parts of William being born when he was is having so many holidays in a row to introduce him to. With Halloween up first, he had many things to look forward to with three different Halloween events for him to attend. The day before Halloween, Candy came down to have a pre-Halloween celebration with us. We gave her this Halloween card as it suited her so much.

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William is One Week Today

Our son William is one week old today. As Dr. G had planned from the beginning of my pregnancy to deliver our child at 39 weeks his birthday had been planned for October 23rd, yet today in addition to being the day he is one week old was his technical due date. It’s so great having him home and learning about who he is personality wise and development wise as well.


Breastfeeding Concerns, Changes and Help 

I’ve always prided myself on being a studious reader. I’ve bought and borrowed many books on pregnancy and early infant needs, particularly on breastfeeding for the latter. I knew the hospital where my baby was being born was very supportive of breastfeeding, and as I was scheduled for a C section knew I would be in the hospital recovering for several days in which I would receive additional advice and training on breastfeeding. So, while I did not expect that there wouldn’t be any small issues or problems with breastfeeding, I expected it would go well in general after we returned home.

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William and Inky Meet 

An area of concern that some people had had for us was how Inky would react to William. Per instructions from a veterinarian tech, Matt had taken back a hat that William had worn to have her sniff to be prepared for William’s arrival. We were hopeful for and curious how the first meeting would go.

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Visitors – In Person and In Spirit

One of the best parts of the hospital in which I gave birth was their very generous visitor policy. While visitors (defined as anyone aside from Matt who was given a special parent bracelet) did need to check in every time, they were able to come during the day or night and I was allowed multiple visitors at one time. One of the first visitors was Matt’s brother, Scott.

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