The Summer Effects on My Pregnancy

Last weekend was one of the hottest ones in recent memory for me. Despite the use of sunscreen and being under a canopy, Matt, Candy and I all had some sunburn last Saturday, of which I had the worst perhaps as I’m pregnant. The next day was even hotter at 102-104 degrees (depending on what hour was recorded) and which both broke temperature records for that day and left many without electricity.

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Anatomy Scan Part Two and 3D Pictures

As the sonographer was unable to get all the pictures that we needed at my last anatomy screen appointment: a face profile and a few heart pictures, I had to have my second session today. The baby cooperated more than s/he had last time so she was able to get many of the heart ones right away. To my delight she also took some 3D ones letting me us see baby’s face and one hand for the first time.



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TeamCrush Boutique’s Clip in Colored Extensions – Product Review 

For some time now I’ve enjoyed experimenting with putting different colors in my hair. At first I was using hair chalk to do so, yet it was really messy and tended to get all over surfaces during application and my clothes that I wore. So, taking the advice of a professional hairdresser friend, I switched to hair extensions. I found almost every color I could imagine and yet, I still wanted more variety. To my amazement and delight, I found a shop on Etsy that had clips on in two and even three colors. TeamCrush Boutique, a shop run by Jessia, features clips on in many color combinations including these which I ordered:

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SF Giants Game with Candy and Matt – Throw Back Thursday 

On Saturday it will be three years ago that Matt, Candy and I went to a special SF Giants game together. Looking at our outfits I was able to determine that it was Italian Heritage Night. This theme is one of personal pride to them both as Matt’s late dad was of Italian heritage.

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Katie and Cliff’s Anniversary Party 

On Saturday Matt, Candy and I, along with many other guests helped Katie and Cliff celebrate their wedding anniversary at the Elk’s Lodge in San Jose. The number 17 was significant in that the date of their anniversary was the 17th, this year is 2017, and having married in 2000, this was their 17th anniversary as well. Cliff planned the party as a surprise to Katie who did not know he had organized a party and invited so many of their friends to celebrate with them.

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So You’re Gonna Be a Dad – Now What? – Book Review

Candy and I both gave Matt books for his Father to Be Day on Sunday. I chose “So You’re Gonna Be a Dad – Now What?” by Scott Patchin as the first one to review. This book is short, only 78 pages of advice, so it could be read in one quick reading if desired, or even skimmed through then read carefully again at another time.


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21 Weeks – Size of a Carrot

Our baby this week is the size of a carrot, an estimated ten and a half inches in length and 3/4 of a pound in weight. For comparison I put a carrot next to the Parents Magazine that just arrived today starting our subscription. In this week baby begins to swallow as well as breathe in amniotic fluid.

This may be the week when movements described as flutters, I’ve been feeling gurgling and a popping here and there, may turn into movements that feel like taps or kicks. I really look forward to this both as a sign baby is growing and developing in a healthy way and as when that happens Matt will be able to feel some baby movements with a hand to my abdomen.

Baby’s skin grows even more intricate and sensitive this week. If i press on the right spot of myself baby may even press back. As the baby has seemed to get more active to certain tastes and music every so often, this will be fun to experience as well.

While the liver and spleen have made almost all of our baby’s blood cells, bone marrow has started contributing some as well. This is also one of many weeks in which brain development is growing fast. With his or her senses developing as well, baby may gain some idea of what my daily schedule of awake, active and meal times are like.

~ Danielle