Reconciling Sunday at Church / Extended Nursery Hours for William

Since having William, most of the volunteering I’ve done for my church, Almaden Hills United Methodist Church, has been on Sundays while is in the church nursery. With this being Reconciling Sunday, our church had special plans to show our welcome message to everyone, especially the LGBTQIA community. I was honored to be asked to help serve communion, a first for me. I made sure to get photos with Pastor Mariellen with our colorful attire in honor of the day.

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William Tries His First Vegetable – Sweet Potatoes

Wiliam’s doctor had recommended starting him with fruits then exploring vegetables. Today was the day we decided to try his first vegetable. In honor of this milestone, I put him in his Holy Guacamole vegetable onesie, a present from his Godparents, for his playtime before this meal.

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William’s Six Month Photo Shoot

William has lots of adorable baby clothes. Several months ago we bought some outfits that resemble the Tommy Bahama shirts Matt enjoys wearing. They were too big for William at the time, so I looked forward to him growing into them so I could use them for a beachy, relaxed feel monthly photo shoot. At first, William didn’t seem in the mood for a shoot with that kind of feel.

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William’s Baptism Book – Book Overview

Several months ago our church’s photographer, Bonnie, had sent me an email telling me to make sure to see her after church as she had something for me. While I considered it was something to do with William, I was absolutely floored by the amazing and perfect book she’d made about his baptism.

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William is Twenty-Eight Weeks

Once again a snippet about baby’s development week is rather significant to William’s development. Right now William is for the most part being given only pureed foods. We did give him small crushed up tiny pieces from our lasagna on Mother’s Day, yet besides that we are not trying food from our plates just yet.


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