A Longer Visit to the Library

I have so many happy memories from going to the library as a child, from taking out many books to participating in fun kids activities. When Maribel first mentioned taking William to the library, I thought he’d have a great time. However, she soon returned back to her place with him and the other boys, as he cried. Perhaps. it was just too noisy of a day for him, was her guess. This week she decided to go again, and he had a much better experience.

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Milky Mama Treats – Product Review

Ever since I’ve realized that I wasn’t producing a lot of breastmilk, I’ve looked for ways to increase my supply. I’ve tried herbs suggested by a Lactation Consultant which worked to some extent, but did not greatly increase supply. So when people on several new moms groups recommended Milky Mama Treats, I thought I’d give them a try. Their website recommends trying a combination of treats for the biggest effect, so after speaking to a customer service rep I placed an order including treats, Emergency Brownies and two flavors of cookies and the Strawberry “Lemoonade” drink.

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Our First OB Appointment – Throw Back Thursday

A little under a year ago, I had my first OB appointment. To make the appointment, I called the OB department at a few nearby cities from a list of those Matt’s insurance, which I’d been added to just a few months previously, would cover. I took the second appointment offered to me as it was at a time when I could get off work, and so by pure coincidence I found Dr. G who happened to have a special interest in high risk pregnancies including those of women of advanced medical age like myself. I didn’t know what to expect from the appointment, but I was thrilled to be going and that the time was one that Matt could join me at as well.


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William’s Four Month Doctor Visit

I was fortunate that my schedule allowed me to attend William’s four month doctor visit during which he would, among other things, receive some more vaccinations. It began with him being weighed. I’m not sure what about this makes him cry, my guess is that the scale feels cold to him even with the diaper bad over it. He’s close to having doubled his birth weight of 7 lbs, 7 oz.


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Upcoming Milestones on The Horizon

One series of questions I get a lot about William is if he’s reached certain milestones yet. I’ve been asked everything from if he’s smiling and laughing, which he has, to if he’s crawling, standing, walking, even talking yet, which he is not. Still, it’s fun to see the progress he will be making in the not so distant future. One thing he is trying so hard to do is stand on his own, many people have commented on it.

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Church Nursery Visits 

When I first started taking William to church, I was going to only put him in the church nursery at times that he was fussy at. This was motivated in part as I noticed another couple in church with three kids, all appearing to be under three and one who is currently nine months old. At the same time, I’ve noticed how much fun William has when I do bring him to the nursery.

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