Wardrobe and Mother’s Room Makeovers 

With the ending of the holiday season, I am seeing and greeting many more visitors at my position at work. To help really shine in my role I’ve been building up my wardrobe again which has been tricky as I am not quite the size I was before pregnancy and breastfeeding, but neither am I the size I was in mid pregnancy when I also bought some clothes for work. Both as it’s fun to hunt for the right wardrobe building pieces at thrift stores, and cheaper to do so, my new finds are from the one nearest us that has many great sales. While I did have the black open cardigan, the white plaid dress and red beads were from the thrift store.

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Mother’s Room at Work – Updates and Challenges 

Some articles I’ve read about pumping breast milk at work suggest looking at a photo of your child to help the pumping process. One photo I’ve used is this of William in his high chair at daycare, alert and ready to eat.

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