Breast Pump Ordering Process 

I’d heard from many people that under the Affordable Care Act, I would qualify for a free breast pump. I knew I had to have a prescription to get one and Dr. G wrote me one for an electric one at 30 weeks. I did not realize the complicated saga it would be to get my pump.

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First Week on Insulin and Insurance Coverage and Pharmacy Procedures 

I first started taking Humulin, a brand name form of Insulin, a week ago. This adds more equipment to the chair and table section of our dining room table that I’ve come to think of as my Gestational Diabetes Corner. There are a few different ways to take Insulin, though taking it orally wasn’t an option as that would cross the placenta to our baby.  The type I’m taking is via a KwikPen which is supposed to be covered a great deal by our insurance, more on that later in this post.

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Case Management Program (Formerly Little Stars)

Several weeks ago when trying to find out if our insurance covers prenatal or maternity classes (it doesn’t) the rep recommended a program to me called Little Stars, a program that evoked images like this one of the stars over Carmel the night Matt and I got married in this beautiful picture Candy bought us as an anniversary present.

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Our Insurance Company and Prenatal Expenses 

I’ve been blessed with good health over my life, something I am very gratfeful for. As a result I do not have a lot of experience in dealing with insurance companies for myself for non routine visits. It was with great confusion that Matt and I had received a letter form our insurance company denying our ultrasound expense. We’ve been doing our best to understand the ins and ours of our insurance but it’s been confusing in the way navigating the maze below might be.

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The Resistance and Insurance and Maternity vs Prenatal Definitions 

Ever since January of 2017,  I’ve been a proud member of what some people refer to as The Resistance, a group dedicated to protesting the current Presidential Administration.

It was my privilege to participate in several rallies including The Women’s March in San Jose, CA, where my friend Mei Hsei and I served as Peace Advisors, and due to how peaceful the record breaking crowd and observers were ended up only be utilized for crowd direction alongside several members of the SJPD. The last rally I took place in was the Not My President’s Day event at SJ City Hall. I also proudly mailed out fifteen postcards for the Ides of Trump to flood The White House with messages of dissent. Continue reading “The Resistance and Insurance and Maternity vs Prenatal Definitions “