First Week on Insulin and Insurance Coverage and Pharmacy Procedures 

I first started taking Humulin, a brand name form of Insulin, a week ago. This adds more equipment to the chair and table section of our dining room table that I’ve come to think of as my Gestational Diabetes Corner. There are a few different ways to take Insulin, though taking it orally wasn’t an option as that would cross the placenta to our baby.  The type I’m taking is via a KwikPen which is supposed to be covered a great deal by our insurance, more on that later in this post.

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Gestational Diabetes Management – Diet, Exercise and Insulin 

I’d been keeping my food diary and taking my blood sugars each day: upon waking and an hour after each meal, along with working out. Still as I saw high I numbers I was concerned and was a little nervous to send the Google document link to my Dietician so she could see my recorded values and changes in real time. I was especially nervous as she had mentioned insulin as a possibility for me depending on my numbers.

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Interviewing,and Dressing Corporate While Six Months Pregnant and Beyond 

Two weeks ago I knew my the anticipated end date of my contract position was near. While at first I had expected it to be extended, I was told with a little less than a week and a half to go due to a decrease in work, my contract and others were not being renewed. So for the first time I experienced interviewing being and looking six months pregnant.

This included screening interviews with recruiters and a hiring manager via FaceTime and Google hangouts. As I typically do, I wore pearls for luck and blue and even though video can wash me out a bit in skin and hair tones, enjoyed the process.

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Baby is 27 Weeks – The Size of Romaine Lettuce

Today our baby in utero is 27 weeks old. S/he is about 2 pounds and 14 1/2 inches long, the size of one Romaine Lettuce. For comparison I put the lettuce us to a standard writing portfolio. Some sources say this is the start of the third trimester, while others say it begins next week.

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Dietician Appointment and Glucose Monitor Training 

Due to the results of the Glucose Tolerance Test, I was referred to the Nutrition Department for follow up. Originally, I was scheduled for a 3 hour class on Wednesday, however, after a private counseling appointment opened up for yesterday, I took that instead both to get the information quicker and was shorter in duration. I was told I’d get diet advice and a glucose meter.

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26 Week OB Appointment 

Dr. G’s office has several exam rooms for his patients and as some are larger and configured to be more spacious than others they are more practical to do a sonogram in.

To my delight I was put in one of these rooms, so I hoped he’d do one for us. He did run a quick one for us at the end to do what he calls taking an extra peek inside.

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100 Days to Go and Super Bowl Babies 

February 5, 2017, Matt and I threw our second annual Super Bowl party. It was a great little get together foe which I wore my Super Bowl 50th gear in honor of the previous year when it had been held in Santa Clara, CA, a city near us.

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