The Summer Effects on My Pregnancy

Last weekend was one of the hottest ones in recent memory for me. Despite the use of sunscreen and being under a canopy, Matt, Candy and I all had some sunburn last Saturday, of which I had the worst perhaps as I’m pregnant. The next day was even hotter at 102-104 degrees (depending on what hour was recorded) and which both broke temperature records for that day and left many without electricity.

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The Halfway Point Milestone and Beyond 

One way my pregnancy has been measured is in time, both the amount I’ve been pregnant and the time left until baby’s estimated due date. Though many people think of pregnancy as nine months, it’s really 40 weeks as the baby is considered two weeks along at Estimated Conception Date. With this in mind, our baby reached the half way point last week, so it’s a good time to show a few more bump photos.

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Walmart Baby Box – Extra Products Shipment Overview and NSPA Body Butter Review 

As detailed last Friday, I received the  Walmart Prenatal Box of which I did an overview. As promised by their rep, I received three more items that they said would be more related to the prenatal time. The items arrived this week shipped in a white bubble wrap envelop and this picture shows what I was sent Npsa Body Butter, Lansinoh Nursing Bads and Bio Oil.

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Week 19 – Size of an Heirloom Tomato 

This week our baby is 18 weeks along which is the size of an heirloom tomato. While smaller than the bell pepper of a week ago it, and the baby, are longer in length at 6 inches. For size comparison, I put my Faith rubber wristlet on top of the tomato.

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Bump Photos Weeks 13 – 17 

As people who love taking photos of ourselves and each other, I was definitely looking forward to having Matt take photos of my expanding bump. We started with Week 13 and were still figuring out how to best do them, so I’m missing ofthe shots I started the next week. I put stickers on my belly to show the week.

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Social Occasions and Pregnancy 

In the months of my pregnancy so far there have been many parties and celebrations. This has necessitated changes to what I eat and especially drink. Ironically, the original plan for my birthday was a small party at home on the actual date, which is St. Patrick’s Day followed by a Pub Crawl in Pleasanton. I’d had so much fun last year at this I knew we had to return though I would have to forgo the beer.

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Food Cravings and Forbidden Foods 

One of the pregnancy symptoms I expected to get and many have asked about involves food cravings in particular am I craving unusual things like ice cream. To my surprise, I haven’t craved many things though my one big craving has been milk and in high quantities.

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