William is Nineteen Weeks

I feel like I could write every week, “Wow, I can’t believe how big William has gotten or how he is changing.” The tips for this week highlight learning through play, something he has definitely had positive exposure to.


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William’s Two Month Photo Shoot – Last Monthly Shoot of 2017

I’ve taken and had taken many photos of William both before his birth in my growing bump and as a growing baby. Some of my favorites have been the ones with many props. His actual two months was on a Monday, always a busy day for our household, so this shoot was taken a few days later.

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William is One Week Today

Our son William is one week old today. As Dr. G had planned from the beginning of my pregnancy to deliver our child at 39 weeks his birthday had been planned for October 23rd, yet today in addition to being the day he is one week old was his technical due date. It’s so great having him home and learning about who he is personality wise and development wise as well.


Our Cat & My Pregnancy – Does She Know?

Our cat, Inky, has been with us for several years, a true family member with a tail. I’ve read some women’s narratives that their pets knew they were pregnant early on, in some cases before the women themselves knew. With Inky, this was not the case.

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Test Results Reevaluated and Uncertain Delivery Date 

Today I received a phone call from an known caller. Though I suspected it was from a telemarketer, I answered it. To my surprise it was Dr. C who was scheduled o do my Cesarean section tomorrow evening.

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Labor and Delivery Tour 

In order to prepare for baby’s birth and my after hospital stay, I went on a tour of the general Labor and Delivery and a Birthing Suite at the hospital where I will deliver. Each mom has a room to herself with her baby (or babies if she is having multiples). The baby will room in with her. Continue reading “Labor and Delivery Tour “

Pearhead First Year Baby Stickers – Product Review 

Pearhead makes a set of first year stickers to record month by month photos which was one of four items in my last Bluum box. This was an interesting addition to my box as I had received a somewhat similar item from Bluum in the box I received the previous month. In this review I will discuss this and the similar item.

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My Last Temp Assignment and Full Week of Work While Pregnant

It’s been an interesting year for me work wise. After having been at one company for a few months short of two years, one that had started out as a temporary assignment that became a permanent job, I’ve been working through two different temp agencies working at different job assignments. There’s a lot of great aspects of working this way, I’ve worked for a wide variety of companies, met some great people, and learned some valuable skills for the future. For the last five weeks I’ve been working in a document creation and revision role for a company that, among other things, bottles an alcoholic product.


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Breastfeeding Preparation Class 

Yesterday I attended a breast feeding instruction and support class at the hospital where our baby will be born. Though I’ve read books and joined nursing forums and spoke to moms who successfully breastfed, I greatly looked forward to this three hour class taught by a lactation and feeding expert. The class was full of great information including this baby feeding hold many moms who have undergone a Caeasarean section find comfortable.

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