21 Weeks – Size of a Carrot

Our baby this week is the size of a carrot, an estimated ten and a half inches in length and 3/4 of a pound in weight. For comparison I put a carrot next to the Parents Magazine that just arrived today starting our subscription. In this week baby begins to swallow as well as breathe in amniotic fluid.

This may be the week when movements described as flutters, I’ve been feeling gurgling and a popping here and there, may turn into movements that feel like taps or kicks. I really look forward to this both as a sign baby is growing and developing in a healthy way and as when that happens Matt will be able to feel some baby movements with a hand to my abdomen.

Baby’s skin grows even more intricate and sensitive this week. If i press on the right spot of myself baby may even press back. As the baby has seemed to get more active to certain tastes and music every so often, this will be fun to experience as well.

While the liver and spleen have made almost all of our baby’s blood cells, bone marrow has started contributing some as well. This is also one of many weeks in which brain development is growing fast. With his or her senses developing as well, baby may gain some idea of what my daily schedule of awake, active and meal times are like.

~ Danielle


Week 20 – Size of a Banana

This week our baby is the size of a small banana which works out to six and a half inches long. (Though the banana is flatter than vegetables of other weeks including a Bell Pepper and Heirloom Tomato, it’s the length that is being used to measure not the width or roundness of the shapes). For comparison of fruit size, I put the banana next to two pics of my 20 week scan.

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Week 19 – Size of an Heirloom Tomato 

This week our baby is 18 weeks along which is the size of an heirloom tomato. While smaller than the bell pepper of a week ago it, and the baby, are longer in length at 6 inches. For size comparison, I put my Faith rubber wristlet on top of the tomato.

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Bump Photos Weeks 13 – 17 

As people who love taking photos of ourselves and each other, I was definitely looking forward to having Matt take photos of my expanding bump. We started with Week 13 and were still figuring out how to best do them, so I’m missing ofthe shots I started the next week. I put stickers on my belly to show the week.

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Week 17 – Size of a Turnip 

At 17 weeks our baby is the size of a turnip – the first food item that provided a real challenge for us to find at our local grocery store. After asking a produce worker where they are and vaguely being told they were in a cooler to the left, then disappearing on us, we found what we believe is a turnip by looking up pics online. For comparison purposes I put the vegetable next to the bracelet I wore to a friend’s birthday party last night.

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Sixteen Weeks – Size of an Avocado 

I switched up my blog schedule a bit this week to show my pregnancy reveal photos on our wedding anniversary Monday, the day I usually do my pregnancy week synopsis. Our baby this week is the size of an avocado and many big changes are taking place.

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