Welcome to the World, William!

Today at 10:26 a.m. our lives changed forever for the better when our baby, William Hunter Perri was born. He was born at 39 Weeks as scheduled by Dr. G. I had felt some contractions the night before and day of, yet they were not strong enough to be true labor pains I was told when we were at the hospital Labor and Delivery.

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Our Baby at 37 Weeks – Size of Romaine Lettuce 

Our baby today is 37 weeks in gestation the size of Swiss Chard according to Baby Center or according to The Bump the size of Romaine Lettuce (which is what Baby Center used last week for comparison). This puts our baby at 19 inches and about 6 3/4 pounds. Though years ago doctors would have put our baby in the full term category, this is now considered early term.

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Our Baby at 36 Weeks – Size of Romaine Lettuce Head 

Today our baby is 36 weeks along, the start of my ninth and final month of pregnancy. This puts him or her at the size of a Romaine Lettuce head at about eighteen and a half inches and six pounds in length. S/he is on track to put on about an ounce and a half daily. For a size comparison I our this week’s comparison food up to last, the pineapple.

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Our Baby at 35 Weeks – The Size of a Pineapple 

As of today, our baby is 35 weeks, the size of a pineapple according to the Bump and the smaller (in most cases) honeydew melon according to Baby Center. At this stage the baby should be about 18 inches long and 5 1/4 pounds (a bit bigger than Dr. C estimated on my appointment on Friday). This will be one of many weeks in which s/he will be putting on even more weight though his or her length may not change greatly.

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Our Baby at 34 Weeks – The Size of a Cantalope 

Today our baby is 34 weeks in gestation. This is coincidentally the week that according to my mom I made my appearance, though Matt and I are of course hoping our baby will stay put and continue growing in my womb. At 34 weeks our baby would be expected to be 4 4/4 pounds, the size of a cantaloupe, and 18 inches long. For size comparison I put a cantaloupe up to a bottle of Martinelli’s which Candy bought a few of for my shower that was last week. Matt says the cantaloupe is probably smaller than the celery we had for last week’s comparison food, and this may well be the case.

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Week 33 – Baby the Size of Celery 

Our baby is 33 weeks as of today, putting him or her at an estimated 17 inches and just under 4 pounds. This is comparable to the size of a pineapple or alternatively the size of celery, a favorite of mine as a Gestational Diabetes approved snack with peanut butter.

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