Quick Check Up with A New Pediatrician

William’s left eyelid had looked a little pink recently. As a baby he has razor sharp nails that need cutting often. My guess was that he had scratched his eyelid a little too hard. Still when it was red for a few days we decided to check it out. As this was not an emergency, I had to use scheduling app for his pediatrician practice to make an appointment. The practice was very busy, so we couldn’t get one right away and it was with Dr. W whom he had never seen.

As this was not a developmental checkup, they weighed him with his clothes on. Here he seems to be giving the nurse the side eye for having him on the scale while clothed.

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Grocery Store Trips in the Cart

Matt and I go grocery shopping every week on Sunday. Throughout the week sometimes Matt will go to the store to pick up a few items after getting William from daycare. Now that William is over six months old, the carts are safe for him to ride in directly. The first time he tried so was the day after William’s six month birthday,  a week ago today, and he seemed to enjoy it.

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A Visit From William’s Godmother

Although William’s Godmother, Kristi, lives local to us, our hectic schedules have made it so we had not seen her since William’s baptism. We were delighted to find out that our schedules matched up for a few hours yesterday, so we invited her over to see us and especially William.

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Look Who’s Crawling

Everyone around us, from friends to family to child care providers have been predicting for weeks now when William would crawl. He’s been getting close before, having figured out how to move his arms, and his legs, yet never exactly coordinated to do a true crawl before today. It was amazing to see him put it all together right before our eyes.

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Baby Newspaper – Product Review

One of the most fun parts of being a parent is trying out new toys with William. Some toys are complicated and may require trying them several times and even some parental help to learn to use, and others are much more simple. The Baby Newspaper is an example of a simple toy, one that we received as part of his Bluum box subscription.

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Sleeping Duration and Frequency

I’m asked frequently if William finally sleeping through the night. Some people had mentioned when he had been on solids for a while or was a particular age he would, however as of today, he is still not sleeping through for an uninterrupted amount of time. I’m convinced this is in part as he doesn’t want to miss things. Here he was trying to hold onto his bear instead of letting me ease him into bedtime.

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The Pumping Journey Continues

Today William is officially seven months old. That means that I have been directly breast feeding, supplementing (with formula and now we have added actual food) and pumping. For optimal milk production I would in theory be pumping every three hours when not directly pumping. Like most moms I don’t follow that schedule exactly, especially I am not waking up to do so when sleeping, though I do breastfeed when he wakes up during the night.

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