Discovering Feet and Leg Strength 

It’s so great to see William changing and growing. One amazing thing to us is watching how he learns more about himself and his environment. Recently he discovered that he can touch his toes with little effort. He first started doing so on the activity mat, bringing up his legs and gleefully touching his moving toes.

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Thank You For Being My Friend – Book Review 

One of the most delightful parts of having books to read to our son is finding out there are interactive books out there. While William is only able to interact back to some extent, it’s great finding out there are books that have components that are meant to be touched, move or both. “Thank You For Being My Friend” is a book that allows the parent to take on the role of the horse.


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William is Eighteen Weeks 

I’ve heard from many people that babies do best on a schedule. One of the most important things to try and schedule is sleep. He’s not sleeping through the night yet, waking several times to breast feed, yet we did get his bed time down so now he is in bed, asleep by 8 p.m. or sooner.

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Rolling Over and Goodbye Swaddle, Hello Sleep Sack

Over the last few weeks William has been trying to learn to roll over from front to back and from back to front. Sometimes he would get frustrated when he would be on his front for Tummy Time, even when it was he who made that roll, as he was unable to roll again onto his back. Other times, he enjoyed being on his front, even though he was unable due to his age and strength level to crawl.

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A Kids’ Party at Day Care 

One of the best things about William’s day care provider, Maribel, is all the fun activities she plans for the boys in her care. One of them had a birthday on Friday, and so she had  a birthday party for him during the day. I was astounded when she sent me this photo via text of William wearing a party hat without making a fuss about it or trying to take it off.


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Merry Mover – Product Review 

William has been fortunate to get lots of great toys so far from many different sources. Some toys have been simple, others complex. I’ve had lots of fun seeing how he responds and plays with them. One that I was especially delighted to get for him was this Merry Mover from Katki, a toy safe enough even for a newborn baby.

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Volunteering with Dignity on Wheels – Throw Back Thursday 

A year ago I had more free time, and was not pumping or breastfeeding every three hours, so I was able to volunteer with and at my church. An On This Day App reminded me that a little over a year ago I was volunteering with to help with the shower service, Dignity on Wheels, which was at our church several days a week. The program is a mobile shower and laundry provider that allows members of the homeless population to take a hot shower with provided materials and to do a small load of laundry. I was proud to wear my feminist shirt, referencing Senator Elizabeth Warren and pink shoes to make a statement.

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Four Month Photo Shoot


The theme for William’s Four Month Photo Shoot was animated characters. The first outfit I used for him was that of Mike Wazowski of Monsters, Inc. Matt and I found this adorable costume / sleeper  just a few days before his shoot, so when I decided to use it for his shoot, it shaped the theme. At first William didn’t want to even look at the camera at all.

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Neighborly – Book Review 

As a member of Amazon Prime, I get my choice of one free Kindle book a month from a few options. While I don’t always choose one, due to time, presented selections of both, I did find the summary of the book Neighborly, interesting enough to choose and read this month. The description of the book was one in which a couple, Kat and Doug, and their infant daughter, move to a new neighborhood for a fresh start. Kat has a huge secret that no one, even her husband knows, and she starts getting threatening messages soon after she moves in. The neighbors also have a secret they will learn. This seemed like a fun book to read from that, so I had high hopes for it.

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William is Seventeen Weeks Old 

It cracks me up how accurate some of the descriptions of what babies will be like at a certain stage is true for William. He is definitely a very vocal baby,
one whom you can tell if he’s happy with his smiles, giggles, screams in delight or sad with is crying, and angry screaming. It definitely does seem like we have more smiles and excited sounds from him then we have before.


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