Church with Bell Choir and Shepherd Duty

I was excited to start receiving the email to be a Shepherd in church again. I’d greatly enjoyed the opportunity to help with the children’s ministry while pregnant. I had told Peggy Joy that if William was in a happy mood (or was sleeping) he’d been joining us, however, if he was in a fussy mood I would put him in the church’s nursery. She had said he was OK to stay either way, however, I told her if he was fussy it would be distracting for the children. The first test was the music played, as depending on the song played and instruments used, this may or may not have effected his mood. So I was delighted to see it was one of our church’s rare times to use the beautiful and soft sounding bell choir.

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Scouts Day at Church and Scouting Changes 

It took me a bit longer to get William settled down so we could go to church today. I had debated bringing him into service with me, but as he’d been crying so hard on and off from teething pain (even after trying Infant Tylenol and teething toys), so I put him into the church nursery. As a result, I missed the opening candle lighting by a Girl Scout. The special service featured local Cub and Boy Scouts including Tim, who leads a Boy Scout pack and his son, Riley, a Boy Scout.

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San Jose Beer Walk and Clandestine Brewery Opening 

Every once in a while I’ll go and enjoy something in real time more than I’ll take lots of photos to remember it. This weekend Matt and I joined by our friends Steve and Cora attended two events this weekend in which I did just that, in fact, most of the photos for this entry were taken after the event. The first event we went to was the Downtown San Jose Beer Walk as part of the SJ Beer Week 2018.

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The Cosleeping Debate

With the exception of the one night before Christmas Eve, when Candy took William up with her to give Matt and I a night to sleep without distractions, William has always slept in the same room as me. He’s slept in his bassinet and in a portable crib. I’ve nursed him on our bed,yet never let him be bundled up onto our bed. One night I’d finished nursing William when Matt suggested we let him get under the covers for just a few moments.


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Super Bowl 52 Party

For many years I’d watched the Super Bowl at some sort of party. Matt and I had gone to a few together, and had even thrown a few. This year we decided to try something different, using the money we would spend on a party to go to a party at a restaurant right outside the 49ers Stadium. At first, we were planning on bringing William. I was told I could, however, as we got closer to the day, we agreed it would be too loud and chaotic for him, so he stayed home with Candy to watch the game and cheer on his temporary favorite team, The Philadelphia Eagles. I love how he even looks like a football player all bulked up with shoulder pads for this one.


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A Visit with Kathy – A Genuine Eagles Fan

It’s always wonderful to see my friend Kathy. We first met over eight years ago when we both enrolled in Team in Training in order to train for and gain access to The Nike Women’s Marathon. Since then we’ve ran many races together. Due to our busy schedules I hadn’t seen her since my baby shower, so I was delighted when they matched up enough for her to visit me and meet William.

Although he was asleep when she first arrived, he was soon awake, alert and ready to meet this new person.

For some reason he was extra attached to his wipe cloth as a lovey today.

Several of my friends who do not root for the 49ers had made suggestions that we should dress William in the color and logo of their team instead. Matt and I had always said if someone had brought us baby gear for another team we would.  Kathy decided to take us up on that and brought this adorable onesie pack of The Philadelphia Eagles, a Super Bowl contender.


As Kathy and her husband, Joe, have been loyal Eagles fans for decades, it’s an honor to able to help root for their team on this temporary basis.

While William of course has no idea what was on his onesie, he does appear to be thinking about something intently. I look forward to dressing him in his other onesies as Super Bowl Sunday gets closer.

~ Danielle