Nostalgia Hockey Game – Then and Now 

My father was the first big sports fan in my life. He loved all sports especially hockey as he lived one town over from the home of the Hartford Whalers. The team was not a good one, I remember them losing home more games we attended than they won and they never won the Stanley Cup, yet he was a loyal fan. His devotion sparked an annual tradition for Matt and I of seeing the  San Jose Sharks play the team the Whalers became, the Carolina Hurricanes.

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B.A.B.I.E.S. Study Second Phase 

Back when I was pregnant I participated in the first part of a Stanford study of stress hormone, cortisol, and baby development. Tonight William was brought in for the second part which involved me answering questions about the remainder of pregnancy and William’s childhood so far. For this phase he was also to undergo an MRI.

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Pleasanton Visit Highlights

In addition to the Thanksgiving meal, Candy and William enjoyed lots of bonding moments during his visit. Candy has always been a huge fan of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This year we did not watch it on the day, instead watching a prerecorded version on the next day. Candy made sure to go right up to the screen with William to show him Santa Claus.

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Hospital Bags Contents – Hits and Misses 

I searched online for information on what to put in my hospital bag and ended up packing one full diaper bag for baby and one full small rolling suitcase for me. Erin, who is due in December, asked me a great question: what did I pack in my bags that I didn’t need up using. It turns out as many moms had suggested that while I did use some of the contents, for the most part I overpacked by a lot. Anyone whose seen Matt and I pack for just a weekend would not be surprised that I overpacked for the three of us.

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Divide and Conquer 

Two of the first people I had shared the news of my pregnancy with were Shauna, who was a bridesmaid in my wedding and her fiancé, Jason. I was very excited for her wedding day, however, as it was a few weeks after my due date, I knew with a newborn that I not be able to attend. So, Shauna suggested Matt take Candy as his date. We happily accepted and were glad that Matt would be able to attend with a representative sent on my behalf.

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Sleep Schedule – Wins and Losses 

When just about anyone found our we were expecting they said seriously, jokingly or both that we should sleep then as neither we nor the baby would sleep for years. While that’s not exactly what our experience haa been, there have definitely been times when we’d like him to sleep more and he will not. Here he is with his famous one eye open look that had lead us to give him the nickname One Eyed Jack.

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