Car Seat Adjustments at Church Nursery

When going places, I have to work backwards to figure out how much time I’ll need to get there on time with William. I can’t predict if he’ll be fussy or need a diaper change or something else from home, so I try to blanket in some extra time. Today took a bit longer to get out of the house, yet traffic was surprisingly light, so in the end I had plenty of time to get William to the church nursery and be on time for service.

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The Day After Staying Up Too Late

After a night in which William and I both stayed up later than normal, I had a theory that William would wake up less during the night to breastfeed and that he’d sleep in longer. While I was wrong on both counts, both he and I ended up taking long naps in the afternoon today.


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Up Way Past His Bedtime

I’ve wondered where the phrase “slept like a baby” came from. Contrary to whoever coined it, babies often don’t sleep for long periods of time without waking up, and they get overtired easily and will fuss and cry instead of sleeping as they don’t realize they are so tired and need to sleep. William’s bedtime is technically around 7:30 or so, which gives me time to hang with him a bit then try to convince him to sleep. Tonight, he was convinced he wasn’t going to do so.

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Table Volunteering at Church with William

One of the things I love about my church is the many opportunities to volunteer. Even as a busy new mom, I’ve found ways to continue to volunteer. The Outreach committee needed a volunteer today to man the Crop Walk sign up station at the after service social hour. After confirming that I could do so with William with me (as the nursery was closed at that time), I signed up. I’d joked that depending on his needs I might have to use only one hand for part of the time and that’s what happened.

Sometimes William sleeps right through church service in the nursery. Other times he’s very alert and engaged in playing with the staff. When he’s like this Matt and I sometimes refer to him by the nickname Wide Awake Bear.

I had thought perhaps he would sleep this time, yet he didn’t even take a small nap. Instead he happily played with his ball and engaged with the teachers and other boy there.

So the nursery was staffed today by the B set of teachers, ladies who are unable to stay later after service, I had to sneak out of church before the last hymn and pick up William and his things. I was glad I had practiced with the Baby Bjorn at the baby shower the day before. He happily was close to me while we talked to people about signing up for the walk or making an open donation to the charity.

William enjoyed being approached by many people. Since he’s in nursery for most services from beginning to end, he got to hang out with people he has rarely seen, or in some cases hadn’t met.

Even with him there, I was still able to take in three donation checks and get one walker signed up. It would have been easier had I been alone, yet, it was definitely more fun for me and him for him to be there.

~ Danielle

Outdoor Baby Shower for Our Neighbors

Today Matt, William and I went to the first outdoor baby shower we’d ever been to for our upstairs neighbors, Todd and Yuka. It’s been fun seeing Yuka’s bump grow over the last few months. As the guests knew their baby in utero is a boy, many people wore blue to shower including Matt and I, and even William started out with an outfit with blue stripes in it though we had to change him to another one midway through the party.

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Watching SF Giants Home Opener at Home with Candy and Matt

Every year Matt watches the San Francisco Giants home opener at our place, having a small party often with ballpark type food and guests. Today was that day and William was all set to watch wearing his Giant’s home game jersey.


William looks so much like his dad in this photo. They look great in their matching jerseys and Matt shared his hat with him as well.

Though he has no idea what he’s watching, William intently watched the screen.

Though I had to work, Candy was able to come and watch with them.

William has started trying to give hugs and kisses which is so adorable.

Dad and son look so relaxed for this selfie.

I’m not sure what has his attention in this photo.

It’s obvious William was mesmerized by the game and will be a huge fan of it someday.

This year’s food was hot links. They had enough for the two of them (with William not eating solids yet, of course) and for us to have for dinner as well.

Baseball has no defined time schedule, so one game can go on for many hours and even extra innings. While this game did not, William fell asleep  midway through the game.

Even though the Giants lost, it was still a great day for everyone.

~ Danielle

Jason’s Party and Easter Preparation

Matt has been friends with Jason since they were young kids. He has great parties at his house which are attended by many adults and his twin boys who are now 6. When we arrived I showed William a Jack in the Box, and he seemed rather nonchalant about it, even after a few tries.

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