Serving as a Shepherd for Grades K-5: Singing and Science Activities 

I was delighted that today was the first Sunday for which I would serve as a Shepherd, a helper with the Children’s Ministries. During the church service Peggy Joy called up a few kids to talk about sinking and swimming, demonstrating with props and water, then we heard the story of Jesus walking on water during a storm and how temporarily his disciple, Peter, was able to do so (with Jesus aiding him) until he no longer believed he could do so, and then started sinking.

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Invited to Be a Shepherd in Church 

One of the things I love so much about my church, Alameda Hills United Methodist Church, is how active the several children’s ministries are. The children are in the service for the first half, then leave for their ministries (divided by age into older and younger) for the rest of the time. While at the main service they play a large part in the activities like when Children’s Minister, Peggy Joy, invites them to join her when she makes announcements.

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National Night Out and Backpack Choices by Gender

Last night I was one of many volunteers invoked with National Night Out, a free community event. While each community has different activities, our church, Almaden Hills United Methodist Church also gave out backpacks with school supplies to families with children in need.The backpack giveaway was the highlight of the evening.

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Pregnancy Disability and Paid Family Leave Information Session

On Friday I decided to get some in person information on Pregnancy Disability Leave and Paid Family Leave as these will be relevant to Matt and I in a few short months. These are both under the Employment and Development Department in California, so I mapped out the office closest to me to get answers from a professional.

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San Francisco Giants Game – 50th Anniversary Peanuts Day 

Candy and Matt are two of the biggest fans of the comic strip Peanuts I know. So it was a special treat to be able to attend the 50th Anniversary Peanuts Day with them at the San Francisco Giants game this weekend. After putting on our orange and black team outfits (I wore Matt’s jersey) to show support, we began our day taking BART up to San Francisco.

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Meeting with a Financial Advisor 

Matt and I have a friend, Michael, who is a Financial Advisor. I’d recently contacted him for information on a college savings plan, a 529, for our baby. He was happy to talk to us about it, and mentioned that we would not only give us options, we would get a financial review with strategies for us.  It sounded like a great idea and we looked forward to our meeting which we had on Monday.

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