Katie and Cliff’s Anniversary Party 

On Saturday Matt, Candy and I, along with many other guests helped Katie and Cliff celebrate their wedding anniversary at the Elk’s Lodge in San Jose. The number 17 was significant in that the date of their anniversary was the 17th, this year is 2017, and having married in 2000, this was their 17th anniversary as well. Cliff planned the party as a surprise to Katie who did not know he had organized a party and invited so many of their friends to celebrate with them.

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Father to Be Day Celebration 

Today Candy visited Matt and I to help us celebrate Matt’s first Father’s Day as Father to Be. Matt told me it had was a great and new experience to have his coworkers tell wish him a Happy Father’s Day on Friday. Here we had cards, gifts and a special sign I put on a chalkboard to represent our child’s message to him.

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Shout Outs to Baby 

It’s so much fun for me when people acknowledge my growing bump and baby within. It’s also fun to be able to tell someone who does not yet know as often they have such a wonderful and positive reaction to the news. A few weeks ago I was running errands and happened to go to Starbucks. They were advertising their Smores drinks and as I’m an avid fan of them, I wanted to have one, yet had to ask if it was possible to get one made decaf as I was expecting. The barista suggested she make me a cream version which would have no coffee at all in it, and it was delicious. I didn’t even realize at first the shout out she gave Baby Perri with a +1 on the name. It made an already Starbucks visit even better to find it there.

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Adding Cloud Island at Target to Baby Registry 

Soon after I posted my Pregnancy Questions and Answers post, a friend who read it told me that Target was soon releasing a gender neutral line of baby items called Cloud Island. Intrigued by the idea, Matt and I went to Target today to see if we should add them to the places where we are registered which includes Buy Buy Baby which I blogged about as well. Target does not have consultants who help you select items, they just give you a scanner to scan items.

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Anniversary and Babymoon Weekend 

As is his tradition, Matt didn’t tell me where we were going for our Anniversary and Babymoon Weekend trip. He did give me some hints along the way including that he didn’t think there would be bellhops and it might be too cold to swim, yet we packed swimsuits in case it was not. I enjoyed our trip and was delighted when we pulled up to the Cavalier Oceanfront Resort in San Simeon. It is one of his mom’s favorite hotels and we’d stayed nearby yet, this was our first stay together at this location. When we got there we were ahead of the four p.m. check in time, so we ate lunch at Moonstone Beach Bar and Grill Restaurant.

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Our First Wedding Anniversary and Pregnancy Reveal Photoshoot

Today is a special day for a few reasons. One reason is that it is my one year anniversary with my husband and best friend, Matt. Another is that it is the day we chose to do our pregnancy reveal on Facebook, so many people heard our good news for the first time. Finally, in addition to revealing my pregnancy we also shared the existence of this blog with the world at large. To my new readers including those who may have come here from Facebook to see other photos from our shoot, welcome, and thanks for joining me.


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