200 Blog Posts

When I started this blog in March I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I’ve been able to have a blog post for each day, most written on the day posted, some written in advance and a few written the next day and back dated. I’ve taken a lot more pics than I would have without it (especially of Matt’s hand on my bump) and had fun sharing moments with readers who are friends as well as strangers to me.

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Our Cat & My Pregnancy – Does She Know?

Our cat, Inky, has been with us for several years, a true family member with a tail. I’ve read some women’s narratives that their pets knew they were pregnant early on, in some cases before the women themselves knew. With Inky, this was not the case.

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Labor and Delivery Tour 

In order to prepare for baby’s birth and my after hospital stay, I went on a tour of the general Labor and Delivery and a Birthing Suite at the hospital where I will deliver. Each mom has a room to herself with her baby (or babies if she is having multiples). The baby will room in with her. Continue reading “Labor and Delivery Tour “

Baby Area Birth Information (BABI) Expo

A few weeks ago I saw the Baby Area Birth Information Expo advertised on Facebook. It looked like an intriguing mix of providers, so I was eager to check it out. I made sure to be there early as goodie bags from the vendors would be given to the first 100 attendees. Upon entering I was given five raffle tickets, and a Harmony canvas bag containing all these items.

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Hospital Bagging Packing In Progress

Some moms to be have their going to the hospital bags packed at the start of their third trimester, whereas others seem to be leaving it till one of the last things to do before they expect to give birth. I’ve had a plan in place of when I’d start in general, and I promised Matt and myself I’d start after our baby shower. This was in part as some of the things I thought I’d need could be things I’d get at my baby shower. I’ll technically be bringing a bag inside a bag, the main bag being a rolling suitcase that was a wedding present and inside this Tactical Baby Gear bag (with matching changing pad) that was a shower present.

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