Mini Me or Mini He?

One of the most frequent questions I’ve been asked during my pregnancy is whether I’m expecting a girl or a boy. With two months to go, I still don’t know, by choice and am looking forward to finding out at his or her birth. Still, it’s a lot of fun to have people guess or flat out tell me what they believe I’m having.

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Dirt Inspires Women – My First and Only Trail Half Marathon – Throw Back Thursday 

I was delighted when “On This Day” showed me what I was doing 8 years ago on yesterday’s date. It was the day of my first, and only, trail half marathon, Dirt Inspires Women. I was very intrigued by a few parts of the event, that it was a women’s only event, that it was on a trail – most of my training and all of my races to that date had been on roads and similar materials and that it was the inagural event for the race which was held in Aptos. So, even though I went in kind of blind in that I really did very little trail running at all for it, I was excited to participate in this event.

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Crazy Hot – Book Review

With the California sun reminding me daily that we still have weeks left to go I summer, I thought it would be fun to review a book someone might take to the beach to read. “Crazy Hot” is the story of three female friends and their adventures as 19 year olds in the Hamlrons for one summer. It is the fourth in a series, though it is easy to get into it and understand even if you have not read the preceding books, as was the case for me.

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Our Baby at 31 Weeks – The Size of Asparagus 

This week our baby is an estimated size of 16 and a half inches and 3 1/3 pounds, compareale in length stalks of asparagus. For another size comparison, I put the asparagus near a bread pan.

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Supporting Silicon Valley Pride Parade While Attending Church

Today several churches that reconciling ministries including my home church, Almaden Hills United Methodist Church attended The Silicon Valley Pride Parade to march in solidarity. Though months ago I had mulled over going, the heat and crowds let me decide to skip this far in my pregnancy. Our pastor, Mariellen, upon hearing this asked me to help her with our local service instead, and I happily accepted before I knew what my role would be.

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30 Week Growth Scan

I looked forward to my 30 week growth scan, in large part as it offered the possibility to perhaps have another 3D picture of our baby or two. I made mid early appointment as it had been challenging to find parking last time when I had had to go at the end of the day. I was delighted I would be seeing the delightful Dr. W for this appointment.

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Gap Maternity Jeans – Product Review 

As I mentioned in my post about dressing up for work, I really love Gap as a brand. Months ago when I bought a few pairs of maternity jeans, I fell in love with the idea of having light blue jeans and I found these that are so light in a thrift store. They are my only pair with the band competely above the pockets.

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Our First 49ers Game and Bringing Diabetic Supplies 

Although Matt and I have been San Francisco 49ers fans for a long time, and they have played in Santa Clara, a city very near to us for years, neither of us had been to a 49ers game until last Saturday. We had originally had plans with another friend to be in another town that day and when that friend was no longer available due to an unexpected schedule conflict, we decided it would be fun to go to the game, the last weekend preseason game of the year. As we often do for events, we took Lightrail to get there. It is a good thing we were on an early stop as it filled quickly and may would have been uncomfortable for me to stand in the moving vehicle.

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Dressing up for Work at 7 Months Pregnant 

One of the great things about working so many different temporary assignments is the chance to experience new companies with their very different populations and cultures. Sometimes this is reflected in the style of dress allowed and also what is subtly encouraged to wear. The company I blogged about as Company C was a startup and very casual, I mostly wore T shirts over jeans and even my below the knee shorts were typical of what a lot of people wore. At my current office assignment, an office in a large company, while pants for the dress up days, Monday through Thursday, most women wear dresses and skirts. Two weeks ago Candy  and I went shopping for my baby shower dress, after which, I shopped at the mall at The Gap Outlet for a few more dresses I could wear professionally and continue wearing after the baby is born. Not only did I have a Gap gift card, there was also a huge sale going on.

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Belly Laughs – Anniversary 10th Edition – Book Review 

A few weeks ago I heard one of my favorite bloggers, Reality Steve, interview Jenny McCarthy. Other than knowing a few things she had starred in, I didn’t know a lot about her or her career, yet she was very funny open and personable on the interview. So I decided to give her book, Belly Laughs – Anniversary 10th Editon, a try.

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