Goodnight iPad – Book Review 

As a new mom I knew there were many books out there to read to children. I’ve been so grateful for all the books I received at my baby shower and from members of my church when they visited soon after I returned home with William from the hospital. One book a fellow church member, Sue, gave me had me literally laughing out loud just at the front cover, Goodnight iPad.

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What Santa Wants For Christmas – Book Review 

When Candy, Matt and I took William to see Santa, I knew I’d want something special to display his photo in. I looked at several frames and even a snow globe before finding something even more unique and special. What Santa Wants For Christmas is a soft book for adults to share with their child(ren) with a great way to personalize it for their visit with Santa.

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Lots of Love Book – Product Review

At first glance I had thought the Lots of Love Book from Manhattan Toy, one item from this month’s Bluum Box was a special version of the Itsy Bitsy Spider. As this was a favorite song already to song to William, I was especially excited to get it in book form. However, after looking through the pages the book clearly had another story contained within.

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Chicken Soup for the Mother and Son Soul – Book Review

As I have reviewed a book last week on raising kids outside of gender stereotypes and have received the Chicken Soup for the Mother and Daughter Soul, I had to review Chicken Soup for the Mother and Son Soul as this week’s book as it is my last one being pregnant before finding out I’d our baby is a son or daughter.

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Parenting Beyond Pink and Blue – Book Review 

As someone who is Team Green till my baby is born, the one question I can not answer is the most popular for people to ask me, is our child in utero a boy or a girl. As I wait to learn the answer to this, I’ve thought a lot about gender and expectations, so I eagerly chose “Parenting Beyond Pink & Blue” as this week’s book review.

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Lie Still – Book Review 

I decided to not follow the old saying of not judging a book by its over when I used the cover to choose this book for today’s review. As I’ve mentioned before our local dollar store has a great collection of eclectic books and this one promising a mystery with a pregnant heroine was one I was eager to get into.

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