So You’re Gonna Be a Dad – Now What? – Book Review

Candy and I both gave Matt books for his Father to Be Day on Sunday. I chose “So You’re Gonna Be a Dad – Now What?” by Scott Patchin as the first one to review. This book is short, only 78 pages of advice, so it could be read in one quick reading if desired, or even skimmed through then read carefully again at another time.


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Secrets of the Baby Whisperer – Book Review 

I’ve been intrigued by the concept of this boo ever since I bought it at a used bookstore on our babymoon getaway. In this book Tracy Hogg, classifies most babies as being in one of five types: Angel, Textbook, Grumpy, Touchy and Spirited, though some can have characteristics of more than one type.

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Gwendy’s Button Box – Book Review

One of my favorite authors from Childhood was Stephen King. I read “Eyes of the Dragon”, “Carrie” and “Firstarter” perhaps at younger ages than I should have and multiple times each. I was eager to read his novella collaboration with Richard Chipman, “Gwendy’s Button Box”.

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From Pea to Pumpkin – A Baby Journal – Book Review 

One of the first things I wanted to do when I learned I was pregnant was get a baby book. I had one as a bride to be and looked forward to capturing memories in the same manner. This week I review “From Pea to Pumpkin – A Baby Journal”.

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Over the Hill at Fourteen – Book Review 

Tomorrow I will be taking place in a photoshoot for Company C’s print and online advertising. This inspires the book review for this week as I revisit a favorite book of my childhood and teens to see how it holds up when read as an adult, “Over the Hill at Fourteen” by Anna Callan.

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Breaking Through by Grace – The Bono Story – Book Review 

For my first book review aimed at children, I’m reviewing Breaking Through by Grace – The Bono Story, a book I got at a Take a Book, Leave a Book Exchange at church. I’m a huge fan of Bono and his band, U2’s, music and charity work, and so I found a book about his faith would be an intriguing read.

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The Handmaid’s Tale – Book Review

This week, I review modern classic, “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood. I had originally read the book as a teenager, and was inspired to reread and review it after learning more about the new Hulu series that has been adapted from the book. Even after having read it once and remembered a lot of it vividly, and having seen the original movie adapted from it, it was a good experience revisiting the story. I’ve heard that the series so far has updated several aspects of the novel, however, having not started that yet, this review will only cover the book.

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