William’s First NYE Parties 

This year Matt, Candy and I found ourselves invited to two New Year’s Eve parties. Whereas in past years we had gone together to adults only parties at the San Jose Fairmont, this year we had originally decided to have a quiet New Years Eve at home.

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William’s Two Month Photo Shoot – Last Monthly Shoot of 2017

I’ve taken and had taken many photos of William both before his birth in my growing bump and as a growing baby. Some of my favorites have been the ones with many props. His actual two months was on a Monday, always a busy day for our household, so this shoot was taken a few days later.

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Matt’s 40th Birthday Dinner at The French Laundry 

For many years Matt has been passionate about cooking. He’s a great cook and has made dishes for friends and family from the cookbooks of those chefs including Thomas Keller. Years ago I’d tried to get reservations to Keller’s most famous and upscale restaurant, The French Laundry, for our anniversary, but it proved impossible. I promised him that someday we would go.

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Oops We Did It Again – Then and Now

It all started with the cards. In 2014 we gave each other the very same Christmas card. While we both bought them from the same store, the store had had lots of Christmas cards available, so it was amusing, though not a one in a million type of chance thing.

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William’s First Stay at Daycare 

Matt and I wanted to find just the right daycare for the three weekdays a week William will be watched by a professional. We found a great in home daycare run by Maribel who has been a provider for many years. She really understands kids of all ages and suggested a half time day for him this week to help him transition.

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Matt’s 40th Birthday Party at Nola 

Since Matt hit the milestone birthday of 40 this year, he was given two special celebrations. The first was yesterday, his actual birthday, which was spent with some friends and family members at the restaurant Nola, where we had spent Steve’s 40th birthday weeks before.

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William’s First Christmas Eve 

I couldn’t wait to celebrate the Christmas season with William. From Christmas attire to presents to stockings, there was so many new experiences to have with our infant son. He had already outgrown his Santa outfit, however, he did fit into his Christmas pajamas well.

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William’s First Time Being Babysat Away From Home 

As any parent knows, traveling with even just an infant involves allotting extra time to travel preparation and requires packing a lot more things. Matt made a special trip up to Pleasanton Friday night to drop off Christmas presents to be opened and William as Candy had offered to watching him to let us have a night to ourselves. Each bag Matt is holding is full of things for William.

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