A Bit Better Already

When we took William to the doctor, yesterday, she had told us that not only was he through the worst of his cold, but she expected him to be through it quickly. We were all looking forward to him being back to healthy soon. Mirabel gave him extra love knowing he was still feeling a bit under the weather.

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William’s Doctor Visit for Diagnosis

Even though William has been very healthy so far, for which we are, of course, grateful, we did expect him to get sick from time to time. Over the last few days he’d had a stuffy nose and was even hitting himself on the side of his head. We didn’t know if he was teething, sick or was having something else going on, however, we decided it was a good idea for him to see a doctor.

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William is Thirty-Three Weeks Old

William once again is right on track according to these listings. There’s a few things we need to get him to stop doing, rolling when we change his diaper, and trying to grab at Inky, who we refer to as his fur sister, both of which he does quite often.

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Matt’s First Father’s Day

I know I keep saying it in this blog, but it really just amazes me so much how fast time is passing for William’s first year. It seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating his Father to Be Day with me still pregnant, and now it’s his first Father’s Day with his son. I made sure to make a special chalk sign to celebrate.

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Babies and Adult Focussed Parties

A few weeks ago we’d been invited to a birthday party for a dear friend and his wife. The invitation had originally read adults only. However, as it got closer to the event, the hosts decided to open it up to children as well, so we decided to go and take William. We had thought he would be the only child younger than a toddler, however, soon after we arrived I was told to have him go say hello to the other baby there.

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Messy Mealtimes

It’s not surprising that we were given so many bibs at my baby shower. Mealtime is definitely one of the most messy parts of William’s day. As he’s learning about food tastes and textures and getting more involved in the process, his food tends to go all over the place. Here he is trying to feed himself directly with the spoon.

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Bedtime is Battle Time

I’ve read that how to get a baby to go to sleep is one of the most popular searches for parents. I can believe it as there have been many nights especially lately when it was hard to get William to go to bed. Candy has mentioned how we need to get him on a specific bedtime routine and we’ve tried including putting him in a sleepsac, singing to him and feeding him before bed. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always get him to go down and sleep fast.

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The Thinnest Air – Book Review

It’s been a while since I have blogged a book review. This month Amazon suggested a lot of suspense books for my free Kindle book, and it was hard to choose just one. I chose “The Thinnest Air” as it seemed like a fun mystery to get into, the disappearance of a young socialite in a ski town.

One of the best parts of the book is use of two narrative voices – Meredith who has disappeared and her sister, Greer. Meredith narrates from her honeymoon onward and Greer narrates from the present day. This way we get lots of details of who Meredith was before her strange disappearance and the mystery and tension build as we follow Greer as she tries to piece together who is responsible and if Meredith is still alive or not.

As many books do, there are some characters who are well fleshed out and others who we only get some details of. For this reason it is likely that some one or more of the well developed ones were part of the disappearance, though the book does keep you guessing. Many readers will be able to piece together whoodunit, but I did not. I can’t even remember one of the main characters names afterwards, only that it was an unusual name.

The book was very fast paced for the first half, I stayed up later than I should have getting through that part. It was even a great background distraction while I pumped milk for one session.

This being said the book had quite a few flaws. One of the biggest is that for the story to work at all Meredith had to not confide in her sister a lot of what was going on in her life, even though both Greer and Meredith said they were close. This is even more unbelievable as she did confide in a few other people in ways that created the whole situation of the disappearance.

The book involved characters acting out in ways that were just unbelievable. This was again required for the story to work, yet felt false. Two major characters had to act completely different in the second half than the first.

Lastly, the ending felt rushed and completely counter to other information we’d been given from the behavior of many characters. It’s possible that that is how people would react given how the disappearance is resolved, yet, it feels unlikely with what we’ve heard about the characters up until that point.

Rating – two baby booties out of five

William is Thirty-Three Weeks

William is getting so alert and active. He loves to reach for thing, move about and twist and turn. While we have him on the changing table, he loves to move out of reach and turn over, while grabbing for anything in sight. While I’m too busy trying to change him, sometimes with Matt’s help, when this happens, this is definitely when we have to tell him no to squirming about so.

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