20 Week OB Appointment 

The second appointment of the week was with Dr. G. I had followed his directions to take several blood pressure readings for him between this visit and our last one three weeks ago. I brought the blood pressure cuff with us to make sure I was doing it right, in particular as I had gotten results that varied a lot. His nurse, Martha, helped demonstrate the proper way to put it on for us.

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17 Week OB Appointment 

We knew going into our 17 week appointment that Dr. G would only be using a Doppler instead of running a full ultrasound. Still, Matt and Candy I looked forward to our visit as always. In this standard visit Dr. G brought up baby aspirin which he had mentioned as a possibility of my taking in an appointment over a month ago.

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14 Week Doctor’s Visit 

Matt and I had a brief yet great appointment with Dr. G on Thursday. He was pleased to congratulate us (and Baby Perri) on the great NIPT results and continuing to have the odds in our favor. Baby is measuring 14 weeks and 6 days, so either the head to rump measure taken at my 10 week was more accurate than my 8 week, or baby is slightly large for his or her age.

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