29 Week OB Appointment 

Yesterday Candy, Matt and I went to my 29th week appointment. Since I’d been corresponding with Dr. G online through the health email system (a system that was down quite a bit this week and somehow worked for me better as a phone app then a website), we’d discussed a few things in advance.

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24 Week Checkup 

Yesterday Matt and I went to see Dr. G. As Candy was out of town, it was just us at the appointment. We were taken in early and while waiting for the doctor, Matt wanted to try to feel our baby moving around. S/he wasn’t moving at that time and was potentially sleeping.

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23 Week Check Up

Yesterday Matt, Candy and I went to my 23 week check up with Dr. G. In this appointment, like the one before it he did not take any sonograms, so in this blog entry I will include some of my favorite sonograms so far. This was the first series of ones we received, looking at them even now I still can’t make out a lot of the structures I knew he saw but it was so great to have them. We didn’t even realize at the time that not all babies at 6 week will show a fetal pole heartbeat (and can still be normal and healthy), so we were very lucky to have the sound confirmation so soon in my pregnancy.

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20 Week OB Appointment 

The second appointment of the week was with Dr. G. I had followed his directions to take several blood pressure readings for him between this visit and our last one three weeks ago. I brought the blood pressure cuff with us to make sure I was doing it right, in particular as I had gotten results that varied a lot. His nurse, Martha, helped demonstrate the proper way to put it on for us.

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17 Week OB Appointment 

We knew going into our 17 week appointment that Dr. G would only be using a Doppler instead of running a full ultrasound. Still, Matt and Candy I looked forward to our visit as always. In this standard visit Dr. G brought up baby aspirin which he had mentioned as a possibility of my taking in an appointment over a month ago.

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14 Week Doctor’s Visit 

Matt and I had a brief yet great appointment with Dr. G on Thursday. He was pleased to congratulate us (and Baby Perri) on the great NIPT results and continuing to have the odds in our favor. Baby is measuring 14 weeks and 6 days, so either the head to rump measure taken at my 10 week was more accurate than my 8 week, or baby is slightly large for his or her age.

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