Post Partum Checkup /Last Visit with Dr. G

I eagerly looked forward to my 6 week post partum visit with Dr. G. I had not seen him since my hospital discharge day. If all went well I would be cleared to start resuming a full range of activities including lifting things and excercising. The OB/GYN Department was decorated with stockings of the employees.

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Check up Before Travelling

William was not scheduled to return to the pediatrician until January. However, as his nose still seemed stuffed up and he had been sneezing a bit more, we decided to take him to make sure it was not a cold or another condition that needed to be treated, especially as we were leaving for a weekend trip to Pleasanton.

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Three NSTs in A Week and a New Delivery Date

This was an unusual week in that I had three NSTs, only one of which was in my OB office, one of which was originally scheduled, one of which was rescheduled to a new time and location due to results at another medical appointment, and one of which was a special follow up.
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My First NonStress Test (NST) with Dr. E

With Dr. G still taking off some time, I had my first visit with his partner doctor, Dr. E. Dr. E’s nurse has asked where they had heard our baby last, so I showed her pics from my last visit so she could use them as a guide.

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My First NonStress Test (NST) with Dr. C

As I’ve previously blogged, with my regular OB taking off some time, I will be seeing other doctors in his practice for the remainder of my pregnancy up until my scheduled Cesarean section. Today my appointment was with Dr. C, so a different nurse set me up with the NST. The configuration of the exam room was different from Dr. G’s so instead of being on a raised table the cardiotocograph machine was at my general level, inspiring me to document the experience with some new angles.

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