Rolling Over Attempts 

Today we had a lot of fun putting William on his puzzle mat. For the first time that I can remember he did the all arms and legs spread out position that I sometimes do to spread out while sleeping that Matt and I joke is acting like a starfish. I made a collage of some of his moments trying to roll completely over with and without help to show Candy.

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Sleeping Patterns and Duration 

One of the things Matt and I  were told the most as I was closer to delivering our baby was to get sleep, as neither us, nor our baby would get any for many years. Babies do sleep, of course, though it unpredictable as to when they will. William loves sleeping with his whale blanket and in this photo soon after he fell asleep was joined by Inky who does like to be next to him from time to time, as opposed to avoiding him, which she is more likely to do when he is awake and energized.

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William’s Christening

One week ago William was christened at Almaden Hills United Methodist Church. It was a day that had come after much planning on all sides. I was so honored when Candy had asked me if I wanted him to wear the family’s Christening outfit. I was so touched by the offer and immediately accepted, so that he would be the fourth generation Perri to wear it. In addition to the slip, hat and gown that had been in the family and passed down, he also wore a few new items. His socks with an embroidered cross and shoes were presents from Candy. The necklace had been given to me, when I was still pregnant, by Peggy Joy,  the Children’s Youth Ministry Leader, who had made similar necklaces for the children of the church. Peggy Joy loves holding William, so we had to get her posing with him while wearing his special necklace.

baptism image

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Tummy Time and Exploring on a Soft Mat

After William’s christening (which I will be blogging about in the near future), our group of friends and family had lunch, and then finally returned to our apartment. Katie suggested putting William on the puzzle mat to help him get some tummy time and practice with movements that would in time lead to him crawling. At first I put him down on his back to just get used to the new textures.


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William’s Debut at Church 

Ever since I returned to church a few weeks ago, without William he had not yet started his vaccination schedule, I had been asked multiple times when he would make his debut. Today was that day. I had set an alarm, which I turned out not to need as William had woken up early to breastfeed. I made sure to get to church extra early so we would have a chance to check things out before the service started. One of the first people I saw was the Children’s Ministry Leader, Peggy Joy. She helped me show William the manager outside of the sanctuary.

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