Milestone Photos – Plans and Results

As anyone who has seen my maternity session and/or William’s hospital shoot photos knows, I love props. I had props I had planned to use for his first month photo and other months in my head and did not use, so my shoot did not turn out exactly as expected.

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William’s First Christmas Parade and Season Kickoff in Pleasanton 

Last year was the first that Matt, Candy and I had attended the Pleasanton Christmas Parade together. This year we were excited to go again and take William. He was dressed in his special polar bear inspired coat, which resmebles a famous Coca Cola mascot.

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William’s First Ornament Hanging 

This is a weekend of tree decorating for the Perri family. To start Candy visited us in San Jose so we could decorate the tree together. Candy had the great idea for us to take photos of William with the special ornament to commemorate his very first Christmas.

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William’s First Visit with Santa

With two parents who love to take photos, William’s first visit to see Santa was an occasion to be dreamed of and planned well in advance. I learned the local Santa was part of a system where an appointment could be booked in advance, so we booked him an afternoon time for yesterday. I love this grumpy little expression on his face when Candy, Matt and I first set out.

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