Little Teether – Product Review 

One product type that Matt and I have tried many of is teethers. We know William is definitely teething and try all we can to help him with the associated pain relief. Still, despite trying a Teething Egg and Organic Teething Toys, we hadn’t found one that was perfect for him. So, I was definitely skeptical of the Little Teether toy that was part of William’s Bluum boy this month. I was intrigued that it came in a soft, reusable pouch, perfect for keeping the toy clean when transporting in a bag.

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Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes – Product Review 

The Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes is a product I’ve meant to review for a long time. It was a gift from Katie for my shower, one of the items on my registry. Both my aunt and cousin had recommended Baby Einstein products as wonderful ones to have for a growing baby.

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Baby Teething Toy – Product Review 

With William clearly teething, I decided to buy him some smaller and easier to hold teething toys. Ashton Bee’s Organic BPA Freezeable Teething Toys were an Amazon Best Buy Pick and with five of them in a package for a low price, I had to give them a try.



BPA Free Natural Organiz Freeer Safe Teether by Ashtonbee

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Sophie the Giraffe – Product Review

My friend Rachel had told me when she received the invitation to my baby shower that she would be bringing a present she gives to all new moms and that everyone had loved it. I was intrigued by this and looked forward to it. That gift was Sophie the Giraffe, a toy which is famous in many mom circles though I was unfamiliar with it.

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Spectra S1 Breast Pump 

As a new mom returning to work, one of the most important parts of my day is the opportunity to pump breast milk. Frequent readers of my blog will know that I’ve been through a few breast pump options from electrical, the Medela Pump in Style that I received free from insurance and a few manual pump options that I bought on my own. Last week I spent a lot of time talking with a fellow pumping mom at work and on her recommendation decided to buy a pump from a different manufacturer, Spectra.

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Avent Comfort Manual Breast Pump – Product Review

It’s a thought that probably ran though the head of every woman who is pumping milk for her child(ren), what if I need to pump at a time when I cannot get to a working electrical outlet? It had occurred to me that I would be riding in a car for many trips over the Christmas holidays and beyond. I researched manual pumps and was torn between two of them, including one made by Medela the manufacturer of my electrical pump, yet reviews and even the company’s own statement indicated it worked best when only used occasionally. As I wanted the option to use often on a road trip, I decided instead to order the Philips Avent Comfort Manual Pump.

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Nature Bond Silicone Breast Pump – Product Review 

When I buy new products I’m often very optimistic about them working. I had shown the Amazon listing of the Nature Bond Silicone Breast Pump to my Lactation Consultant and she was not impressed with the concept and had doubts if it would even work as a pump. Still, I was determined to buy it and try it out.

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