Batman Teething Pendant – Product Review 

I’ve loved the idea of a teething necklace with breakaway clasp that I could wear while nursing, especially since I received one long ago from Bluum. Still I rarely wore that one for two reasons: it was incedibly long on me, and, as neither they nor I knew my baby’s gender upon sending it had mainly pink beads and I wanted something a bit more gender neutral perhaps even masculine as William is a boy. I was excited to see the Bumkins Batman Teething Pendant for sale on Amazon.

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Pump Strap – Product Review 

One of the hardest parts about pumping for me has been having to hold onto the bottles as the machine pumps. I had known there were solutions available to make it handsfree, though I was only familiar with the bras for this. My Lactation Consultant, Donna, and the manager of Maternal Connections both recommended the Pump Strap instead. According to them while they had had mixed reviews of the bra they sold, everyone loved the Pump Strap. So, I decided to follow their recommendation and only bought the Pump Strap.

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Giggle Hippo Musical Pull Toy and Bluum Box Overview- Product Review 

One of the parts of motherhood I’m looking forward to a lot is playing with our new baby. Babies learn a lot through play, and it’s a great way to bond with them as well. This week I received my fifth box from Bluum and inside was this large plush toy, The Giggle Hippo Musical Pull Toy by Manhattan Toy. Just from a quick glance at the toy, it’s easy to see how infants including newborns would be very attracted to playing with it.

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Graco Dream Suite Bassinet – Product Review

One task we definitely needed to do before I gave birth was to select and build a bassinet. We selected the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet due to some great features we saw in the store while comparison shopping.

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AnnAnn Empire Scoop Neck Maternity and Nursing Top 

Items that I wanted to get for my hospital bag included one or more nursing tops. I found one on Amazon available in a few different colors that looked adorable and was very affordable as well. To determine how well this top would work for me on the go, I decided to wear it to work and my OB appointment afterwards.

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Crafts for All – 12 Fabric Markers – Product Review 

One of the activities I was eagerly looking forward to at my shower was having guests decorate onesies for our baby. I had imagined this possibly with paint, however, Katki and Candy found a much neater alternative, Crafts 4 All’s Fabric Markers.

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