TeamCrush Boutique’s Clip in Colored Extensions – Product Review 

For some time now I’ve enjoyed experimenting with putting different colors in my hair. At first I was using hair chalk to do so, yet it was really messy and tended to get all over surfaces during application and my clothes that I wore. So, taking the advice of a professional hairdresser friend, I switched to hair extensions. I found almost every color I could imagine and yet, I still wanted more variety. To my amazement and delight, I found a shop on Etsy that had clips on in two and even three colors. TeamCrush Boutique, a shop run by Jessia, features clips on in many color combinations including these which I ordered:

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Walmart Baby Box – Extra Products Shipment Overview and NSPA Body Butter Review 

As detailed last Friday, I received the  Walmart Prenatal Box of which I did an overview. As promised by their rep, I received three more items that they said would be more related to the prenatal time. The items arrived this week shipped in a white bubble wrap envelop and this picture shows what I was sent Npsa Body Butter, Lansinoh Nursing Bads and Bio Oil.

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Walmart Prenatal Box Overview and Aveeno Skin Relief Review 

One trend that is very popular recently is sample box clubs. Subscribers receive on a regular basis samples often without knowing which ones in advance. As a former member of makeup sample clubs, I was intrigued by the idea of Walmart’s Baby Box Club.

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Yoga Mat and Blocks – Product Review 

For the past few weeks I’ve had the option to utilize yoga for exercise with a small class twice a week at Company C. Last week our instructor was unable to lead our class so we had off, and I definitely missed it, and my back was sorer for not having the class. So, with definite delight and gratitude that our classes are back on, I’m reviewing two products that have helped make the class better for me: Balance From GoYoga All Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra Thick High Density Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap and Sturdy and Dense Foam Yoga Block (set of 2)  – Purple Color, Slip Resistant, 3x6x9.


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Hint Water – Product Review 

One of the most important and frequently given bits of advice to pregnant women is to drink lots of water. Many pregnant women aren’t used to drinking a lot of water, so it’s one of many adjustments to make. Company C provides many types of water and today I review Hint Water which comes in many flavors of which we get three, watermelon, blackberry and peach.

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Indigo Maternity Blue Jeans – Product Review 

Since I’ve had a tie in to our first wedding anniversary, May 15th, most of this week, I was hoping to find a maternity or baby related product to review. Upon reflection I realized I hadn’t reviewed any of the pants I’ve been wearing and with having danced with Matt to Neil Diamond’s “Forever in Blue Jeans” as a tribute song to my late dad, this was a great time to review Indigo’s Maternity Blue Jeans. These are so many my only pair of jeans that are blue in maternity (my other two being a faded stonewashed white/very light blue and black accordingly). They are therefore, my go to pair.

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Cotz Pure – The Healthier Sunscreen – Product Review 

I admit it, I’m one of those moms to be who researches and thinks a lot about what ingredients I put on my skin. This is one reason why I took care in choosing sunscreen. We have lots of it in several SPF choices in our house, but only one of them, Cotz Pure, The Healthier Solution with SPF of 30 was packaged as being natural and recommended by dermatologists. So this was my natural choice to wear on the South Bay Hunger Crop Walk of three miles as well as the pregnancy reveal photos we took last weekend (to be shown in a later blog entry). I actually am not the best at remembering to bring or apply enough sunscreen on a regular basis and burn easily, so this product was given a real test.  Continue reading “Cotz Pure – The Healthier Sunscreen – Product Review “