William is Twenty Five Weeks Old

These days while he seems to be growing bigger and bigger, it seems William has been babbling for weeks and weeks. I’ve definitely heard ahh, daa and similar sounds from him. I really wish I knew what he was trying to say as it seems like he truly feels like he is speaking in words to us. I may not understand, yet I always answer him back with baby talk (rarely) or real words in sentences (most often).


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William is Twenty Four Weeks Old

Every Monday since October 23rd has been a bit more special now as it’s a time to reflect on William’s birth and how much he is growing and changing. I get a lot of comments on him including how big he’s getting and what a happy baby he is, which he truly is most of the time.


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William is Twenty Two Weeks Old

Some weeks the baby development descriptions seem spot on to where William is, others them seem less so. William definitely is into peek-a-boo now with more on an understanding, yet this was true of him even weeks ago. We’ve definitely been thinking he was is or teething for months now. Still, with no teeth fully breaking through yet, it’s hard to know when one will be out and fully visible.


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William is Twenty One Weeks Old

Sometimes the week by week baby predictors are just spot on.  This weeks is, though in large part, that’s because William is such a happy baby overall. I have more photos of him smiling than not, and everyone always comments what a happy baby he is.


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William is Twenty Weeks Old

It never fails to amaze me how fast the the time is growing with William. Even though his growing body and new expressions remind me, the time just flies by.  As friends have told us, if you blink it will seem like years have gone by and now he’s staring kindergarten. While that’s an exaggeration of course, it really is amazing how much time has elapsed.


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William is Eighteen Weeks 

I’ve heard from many people that babies do best on a schedule. One of the most important things to try and schedule is sleep. He’s not sleeping through the night yet, waking several times to breast feed, yet we did get his bed time down so now he is in bed, asleep by 8 p.m. or sooner.

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