William’s Five Month Photo Shoot

One of my favorite things to blog is William’s monthly photo shoots. As usual he did his own thing throughout, and I had fun capturing some attempts at posing. This month’s theme was toys for night time. The colors of the toys matched the card and his outfit so well. I had originally planned on a second outfit, and decided partway through to keep just the one.

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Four Month Photo Shoot


The theme for William’s Four Month Photo Shoot was animated characters. The first outfit I used for him was that of Mike Wazowski of Monsters, Inc. Matt and I found this adorable costume / sleeper  just a few days before his shoot, so when I decided to use it for his shoot, it shaped the theme. At first William didn’t want to even look at the camera at all.

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3 Month Photo Shoot

I had a concept in mind for William’s three month shoot based on some fun outfits he had received as a present from his Godparents on the day they met him. While I did use one of those for this shoot, the set turned out to be a bit big for him. So I adapted my photo shoot ideas and believe this came out even better than I had originally intended. This time this collection only includes one landmark date photo, actually the only one I took of him. While he’s not smiling in it, it perfectly captures the awareness in his eyes, his happy feet and how the W casually leans and he is inadvertently holding it up.

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William’s Two Month Photo Shoot – Last Monthly Shoot of 2017

I’ve taken and had taken many photos of William both before his birth in my growing bump and as a growing baby. Some of my favorites have been the ones with many props. His actual two months was on a Monday, always a busy day for our household, so this shoot was taken a few days later.

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