B.A.B.I.E.S. Study Second Phase 

Back when I was pregnant I participated in the first part of a Stanford study of stress hormone, cortisol, and baby development. Tonight William was brought in for the second part which involved me answering questions about the remainder of pregnancy and William’s childhood so far. For this phase he was also to undergo an MRI.

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What Santa Wants For Christmas – Book Review 

When Candy, Matt and I took William to see Santa, I knew I’d want something special to display his photo in. I looked at several frames and even a snow globe before finding something even more unique and special. What Santa Wants For Christmas is a soft book for adults to share with their child(ren) with a great way to personalize it for their visit with Santa.

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At Home Sleep Study and Breastfeeding 

While in Pleasanton one thing I also had to get done was an at home sleep study. This study had to measure sleep over at least a four hour period. I had been instructed to recreate a night as similar to my daily routine as I could, so that meant I would be waking up and getting out of bed to breastfeed William on demand.

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Pleasanton Visit Highlights

In addition to the Thanksgiving meal, Candy and William enjoyed lots of bonding moments during his visit. Candy has always been a huge fan of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This year we did not watch it on the day, instead watching a prerecorded version on the next day. Candy made sure to go right up to the screen with William to show him Santa Claus.

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Our First Thanksgiving as Mr. and Mrs. – Throw Back Thursday (TBT)

A year ago Matt and I had our first thanksgiving as a married couple in our apartment. It was also the first year either of us had tried to cook our own turkey (though we had both assisted someone else doing so before). We followed the recipe of a chef he admires greatly, Thomas Keller. It lead to a great meal and a funny story involving a mishap with the turkey.


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