Sunglasses for Everyone

I heard it once, possibly on a TV show, that one of the benefits of having a boyfriend was having an extra wardrobe of clothes. I definitely started borrowing outfits from Matt when we were dating and still am apt to wear his T shirts with him as my husband. I used to borrow his Ray-Ban sunglasses all the time before he bought me my own pair for Christmas. One day when I left them in my car, he took a photo of himself wearing mine for a change.

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Lunch in the Trolley Car – Throw Back Thursday

Sometimes memories come through apps on my phone of small moments in my life that remind me just how much things have really changed. The app, On this Day, sent me three photos from 9 years ago that really captured a time in my life right before a very important job became part of my life. I was delighted at the reminder and all the fun in the photos.

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A Year of Blogging

On Monday I hit an achievement of a year of having this blog. I’ve had blogs for longer, including one dedicated to a part time wedding photography business, but this one has far more entries and is much more personal. For today’s entry I’ll  share some of my favorite moments from my life and this blog and some insight into what I’ve learned.


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What Bunny Wants for Easter – Book Review

After having taken William to see Santa, I felt like I knew quite a lot about the process and thought taking him to see the Easter Bunny would be similar. One thing I had loved about that visit was the chance to get a special book with an insert for the photo, and I was delighted to find one like it with the Easter Bunny as well.

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William is Twenty Two Weeks Old

Some weeks the baby development descriptions seem spot on to where William is, others them seem less so. William definitely is into peek-a-boo now with more on an understanding, yet this was true of him even weeks ago. We’ve definitely been thinking he was is or teething for months now. Still, with no teeth fully breaking through yet, it’s hard to know when one will be out and fully visible.


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Our Apartment Complex Easter Bunny Photo Op

Our apartment complex had their own photo op. Unlike the Christmas party with Santa that spanned several hours, this was a low key hour long session. Still, I was grateful it was on a weekend so we’d all have a chance to attend. This time William was in a much better mood when we put him into his stroller.

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