Blowing Bubbles and Increased Babbling

Just in time for his six months, William started a new behavior: blowing bubbles accompanied by strings of babbles often starting with the letter b. While messy, it was adorable and fun to capture in photos.

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Six Months of Breastfeeding, Pumping and Supplementing

On Monday, with William reaching six months of age, I reached a milestone as well, six months of breastfeeding and pumping (with supplementing with formula). I’ve blogged and said aloud that my goal is to get him to his first birthday with at least some breast milk each day. There are days when that seems easy and days when that seems hard.

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Fisher Price Deluxe SpaceSaver High Chair – Product Review

This week were excited to have William use the Fisher Price Deluxe SpaceSaver High Chair for the first time. The chair can be used for newborns through toddlers with the chair back reclining for newborns, being upright for infants and coming off entirely to become a booster seat for toddlers.

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William’s Six Month Doctor Appointment

Since William turned six months on Monday, it was time today for his six month well child and vaccination appointment. As I had to work, Matt took photos for me of the appointment. Instead of crying on the scale as he’s done in the past, William looks pretty calm and engaged for his weigh in. As we all suspected, he is now over 16 pounds.

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Starting Solid Foods

I’ve been looking forward to starting William on solid foods for a while. Even though a few people tried to nudge us to starting early, I held strong that he would start at six months. Over the weekend we had him practice sitting in his high chair on the ground to get used to it. Then, we put him fully in his chair, on a chair and prepared to give feeding him solids a shot.

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Little Bunny – Book Review

As anyone who knows Candy can tell you, she loves animals especially cows and rabbits. So, I was not surprised that William’s Easter basket this year had a book about rabbits in it. As a new mom I’m constantly in awe of how much variety there is in board books for infants. “Little Bunny” is shaped like a bunny. This adorable color makes the book so inviting. The cover illustrations and throughout the book are some of the best I’ve ever seen in a children’s book.

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William is Six Months Old / Twenty Six Weeks

William is twenty six weeks old today, making him six months old or half a year in age. Where has the time gone? Even people who were there with me the week I gave birth are amazed at how fast this has all felt. William is a spirited, active, determined baby who I love watching grow and develop.


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Sitting in the Shopping Cart

Matt and I almost always do grocery shopping on Sunday evenings. Tonight he told me as William was almost six months (his official day being six months is tomorrow), that perhaps it was time to shop with him sitting up more. At first, I thought Matt meant in the stroller without the car seat, but he meant directly in the cart top basket part.

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