Happy Second Birthday, William!

Two years ago today my life was forever changed when Matt and I welcomed our son, William. He was born at 10:26 am at El Camino Hospital at,7 pounds, 7 ounces and was 18.75 inches in length. His birth day truly was one of the happiest days of my life.


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A New Year – Fighting Sleep Hard

Last night Matt and I were lucky enough to go out and stay out past midnight. Candy stayed at our place to watch William, expected he would be asleep when we returned, but he was not. We slept in and Candy told us she’d hardly had any sleep as William stayed up the whole time except for a brief hour sleep.

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First Day of Daycare After Daylight Savings Time

As an adult I’m not a huge fan of Daylight Savings Time. (So I’m thrilled California has taken a step to abolishing it). In addition to the statistics on how car accidents go up, I’ve seen first hand how our cat and son have their schedules changed. William prefers to wake himself up, and today was his first day at daycare after the fall back had occurred.

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Twelve Months, Two Weeks – More Mimicking

I feel like I’ve been waiting so long for William to take first definitive steps. He definitely has the hang of holding onto furniture with one hand and taking tentative steps, which JoAnna from our church’s nursery calls cruising.

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Recovering and Uh Oh as a phrase

Today was a special day for me at church as I was to be the lay Worship Leader. I love my church as it’s a come as you are place, so I’m often in T shirts and jeans, and I could have worn pants and a nice top, but instead I decided to wear a nice dress and blazer. Since I have so few pictures of William with me when I’m dressed up, I made sure to have a photo taken after I picked him up from church nursery.

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William is Fifty-Two Weeks (One Year – Tomorrow)

I’ve had so many people, mostly parents, tell me not to blink or my son would be starting kindgergarten or starting high school. While of course the time doesn’t fly by that quickly, tomorrow our son will be a whole year old. Even with a year of memories, drawers full of clothes, new products and toys, and a phone crammed with literally thousands and thousands of photos, it’s still so amazing that he’s about to hit this milestone birthday.

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Like Mother, Like Son?

I’m always taking photos of my son, so much so that I have more photos of him with others and alone, then I do of him with me. So it’s a treat when I get some. This morning Maribel was taking some of him and I got into a few. I love this photo which she sent to Matt and I. He resent it to me with the text that he looks just like me in this one.


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William is Forty-Seven Weeks Old

I just cannot believe how time is passing for our son. While people who see him every week keep remarking on how big he’s getting, it still seems unreal to me how he’s growing and changing. This description cracks me up as we’ve had to say no to him a lot. He really enjoys going to things he shouldn’t including the cat’s toys, the clear panel on the under television case (most likely attracted by his reflection), the blinds, and more, he’s great at finding things he should stay away from – perhaps that’s part of their appeal that they are forbidden.

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