William is Seven Weeks 

It’s so awesome seeing William grow and change in what seems like an instant. I’ve said that he often seems to have two states of being – sleepy or hungry, yet there are times when he is neither. As the article below states, he definitely has more alert times. I’ve used some of these to read to him and to tell him a bit about his family and things around him like our cat. We’ve caught him watching someone entering a room or leaving one and explained to him where they are going, such as to feed the cat.

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Celebrating Steve’s Birthday – Hours Long Restaurant Visit 

Although Matt and I had decided that an in person hockey game was not the right place to take William, we spent a lot of time deciding whether or not to take him to a friend’s small dinner party at a restaurant. At one point we had decided that I would stay home with him instead, however, we ended up deciding to leave it to the birthday boy. So, I emailed Steve, and explained that either Candy and Matt only would attend his party or, if he was willing to let us bring William, I would also be attending. I wasn’t sure what his answer would be, especially as no other children were attending, however, he told me that it was fine for me to bring him.

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Post Partum Checkup /Last Visit with Dr. G

I eagerly looked forward to my 6 week post partum visit with Dr. G. I had not seen him since my hospital discharge day. If all went well I would be cleared to start resuming a full range of activities including lifting things and excercising. The OB/GYN Department was decorated with stockings of the employees.

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Nostalgia Hockey Game – Then and Now 

My father was the first big sports fan in my life. He loved all sports especially hockey as he lived one town over from the home of the Hartford Whalers. The team was not a good one, I remember them losing home more games we attended than they won and they never won the Stanley Cup, yet he was a loyal fan. His devotion sparked an annual tradition for Matt and I of seeing the  San Jose Sharks play the team the Whalers became, the Carolina Hurricanes.

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Milestone Photos – Plans and Results

As anyone who has seen my maternity session and/or William’s hospital shoot photos knows, I love props. I had props I had planned to use for his first month photo and other months in my head and did not use, so my shoot did not turn out exactly as expected.

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Goodnight iPad – Book Review 

As a new mom I knew there were many books out there to read to children. I’ve been so grateful for all the books I received at my baby shower and from members of my church when they visited soon after I returned home with William from the hospital. One book a fellow church member, Sue, gave me had me literally laughing out loud just at the front cover, Goodnight iPad.

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