July Bluum Box Overview and Itzy Ritzy Teething Happens Chewable Mom Necklace Product Review 

I received the July Bluum Box and inside three items had pink as a color in them and the fourth item and wrapping was a red shade. The presentation of the box was just beautiful and one of my first thoughts opening this was how two items inside were similar to items that had been on my Amazon baby  gift registry – the chewable teething necklace and the nursing scarf.

As with my first box, the tissue wrapping was so a pretty sight to behold.

This month’s box included the 2 Red Hen Diaper Bag, Itzy Ritzy’s Teething Happens Chewable Mom necklace, as well as …

a packet of Groovy Grapefruit Makeup and Cleansing Wipes and Ritzy Bitsy Nursing Happens Infinity Scarf.

You may notice as I did how much pink and red was in this box. There was so much pink that at first I thought perhaps my Bluum profile had been set to show baby as a girl instead of to be determined, yet it was on the right setting. When I called Bluum to ask, they said all those this month had been sent with pink items to match the mom, which makes sense. They did state that when items were for the main use of baby colors and other characteristics would match baby’s gender.

This box had many items that will be fun to review, and I decided to start with the teething necklace. At one point I’d had one on my Amazon baby registry, though I’d chosen other colors. The necklace is colorful and sure to make a statement as well as attract baby’s attention.

In between the strong and smooth food grade silicone beads, knots are tied to make it strong. There is a safety latch on the back so that if pulled enough it will snap apart and then be able to be put back together. The satin cord is one size fits all and as such was so long that I had to make little knots on each side to have it a good length to wear.

Though these were not the colors I chose for myself, I really liked having them on as it made a statement. The pink is almost the bright pink used in women’s rallies of which I attended a few prior to my pregnancy, which makes me smile. While wearing the necklace on two occasions I made it a point to interact with moms of young babies to see if they might guess these were teething beads, but no one commented on them.

This product is great for safety and convenience. The package clearly says the necklace is to be worn by the mom and not the baby, and the mom is to carefully supervise her baby using them. The necklace even cleans up nicely as it can be hand washed or put through the top shelf of a dishwasher.

Rating – five baby booties out of five

Author: Over40FirstTimeMom.com

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