Pearhead First Year Baby Stickers – Product Review 

Pearhead makes a set of first year stickers to record month by month photos which was one of four items in my last Bluum box. This was an interesting addition to my box as I had received a somewhat similar item from Bluum in the box I received the previous month. In this review I will discuss this and the similar item.

As a concept I can see where stickers would be quite appealing to use for monthly photos, which I do plan to take. Of course the stickers would have to adhere enough to stay put for one or more photos, yet come off easily enough that they do not leave residue or even ideally a red mark on baby. As our baby is not born yet I cannot evaluate that, so I will assume they stick well and are removed leaving no trace behind.

As I’m still Team Green I’m often told things I’ve bought and/or revived skew towards owngender or another, though usually boy. The colors sent to me do suggest more of a boy than girl, however as I’m registered as Team Green for Bluum, this may be what they’d send me if they had a guess that baby is a boy or all Bluum members may get this regardless of their baby’s gender.

The real drawback for me was that when with several designs they seem kind of plain and uninteresting especially when compared to the Mess-ups and moments card set I was sent last month.

In comparison the cards have bright colors which are more gender neutral and more interesting designs. This is in comparison to them having moments commemorating fun moments that can happen more than once throughout baby’s first few years. Of course baby could try to put a mouth on the cards, or bend them.

Still, I just feel the stickers aren’t enough fun for me to even imagine taking out of the box and using. I decided to see if I found a sticker set with even less options if I’d still favor the cards over them and among other options found this one image whale set which fits with our baby’s theme. Even though these would have the same design for each month I couid envision buying and using them much more than the Pearhead set.

So both as the set just isn’t me and as it was sent by the same company a month after a much more fun set was sent to me, this product will earn a low rating from me.

Rating – one baby bootie out of five

~ Danielle


45 year old mother to our infant son, William, with my husband, Matt. We live in California with our mischievous cat, Inky. I love our local sports teams (Go Giants! Go Sharks!), photography, the beach, WWE, reading and now spending lots of time as a family with one kid and one cat.

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