Breastfeeding Boosting Methods

When I was pregnant I’d had sometimes have colostrum leak from my nipples and wake up with the telltale yellow crust on them. I’d taken that as a sign that I’d be one of the majority of women who could breastfeed and even thought I’d be an oversupplier of milk. I’d been right on the first assumption, yet unforunately wrong on the second.

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William’s First Visit with Santa

With two parents who love to take photos, William’s first visit to see Santa was an occasion to be dreamed of and planned well in advance. I learned the local Santa was part of a system where an appointment could be booked in advance, so we booked him an afternoon time for yesterday. I love this grumpy little expression on his face when Candy, Matt and I first set out.

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Batman Teething Pendant – Product Review 

I’ve loved the idea of a teething necklace with breakaway clasp that I could wear while nursing, especially since I received one long ago from Bluum. Still I rarely wore that one for two reasons: it was incedibly long on me, and, as neither they nor I knew my baby’s gender upon sending it had mainly pink beads and I wanted something a bit more gender neutral perhaps even masculine as William is a boy. I was excited to see the Bumkins Batman Teething Pendant for sale on Amazon.

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Lactation Consultant Second Visit

One of the best indicators of how feeding is going for a baby is by weight.  As is typical, our Lactation Consultant, Donna weighed William several times throughout his appointment. With just a diaper on (with a negligible weight, yet it also is weighed and subtracted), it is apparent he is gaining weight. Still, as the goal is for him to be weaned off formula and take in only breastmilk as soon as is possible and beneficial for him, we are hoping a lot of that weight gain is not from formula. He is currently getting about eight ounces of formula over two feedings, so most of his feedings, six or so daily, are entirely or in large part made up only of breastmilk.

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Sleep Stimulators – Eating and Swaddles 

Everyone, especially parents, seem to love and coo over sleeping babies including those of others. I always thought sleeping babies were adorable, yet I never understood the extra reason for the adoration of others sleeping babies by parents. Now I do, getting a baby to sleep, even if he hasn’t slept a lot that day, can be a surprisingly difficult task.

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Lots of Love Book – Product Review

At first glance I had thought the Lots of Love Book from Manhattan Toy, one item from this month’s Bluum Box was a special version of the Itsy Bitsy Spider. As this was a favorite song already to song to William, I was especially excited to get it in book form. However, after looking through the pages the book clearly had another story contained within.

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William is Three Weeks Old 

William is three weeks old today. Some of the advice we are given below suggests how helpful a pacifier can be. In our experience William is not a huge fan of pacifiers in general, spitting out several kinds on all tries. He does take a Nuk pacifier some of the time. I’d say he will take one a fifth of the time. Most of the time when he’s fussy it’s that he needs to eat (most common) or he needs to be changed.

~ Danielle

Hospital Bags Contents – Hits and Misses 

I searched online for information on what to put in my hospital bag and ended up packing one full diaper bag for baby and one full small rolling suitcase for me. Erin, who is due in December, asked me a great question: what did I pack in my bags that I didn’t need up using. It turns out as many moms had suggested that while I did use some of the contents, for the most part I overpacked by a lot. Anyone whose seen Matt and I pack for just a weekend would not be surprised that I overpacked for the three of us.

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Divide and Conquer 

Two of the first people I had shared the news of my pregnancy with were Shauna, who was a bridesmaid in my wedding and her fiancé, Jason. I was very excited for her wedding day, however, as it was a few weeks after my due date, I knew with a newborn that I not be able to attend. So, Shauna suggested Matt take Candy as his date. We happily accepted and were glad that Matt would be able to attend with a representative sent on my behalf.

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