Pump Strap – Product Review 

One of the hardest parts about pumping for me has been having to hold onto the bottles as the machine pumps. I had known there were solutions available to make it handsfree, though I was only familiar with the bras for this. My Lactation Consultant, Donna, and the manager of Maternal Connections both recommended the Pump Strap instead. According to them while they had had mixed reviews of the bra they sold, everyone loved the Pump Strap. So, I decided to follow their recommendation and only bought the Pump Strap.

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Our Lactation Consultant – First Visit 

Though I have had and will continue to have disagreements about what our insurance should cover for our son, I was thrilled to discover our insurance covered six lactation consultations. The Lactation Consultant (LC), Donna, called me the day before to confirm and to remind me to bring my breast pump with me. I packed it and the other related supplies in the Tactical Diaper Bag which had room for it, but little else as the pump itself is quite large.

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William’s First Photoshoot – Part One

I’d heard from several moms how amazing the in hospital photo sessions could be. For this reason I eagerly brought matching shirts for Matt, our baby and myself, as well as props, a few of which were gifts from people close to us. The photos turned our even more amazing then I had imagined.


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William is Two Weeks Today

Today our baby is two weeks old. As described below he uses crying as his main communication method, though I’d argue it’s not his only. We’ve come to realize when he wants to nurse he sticks his tongue out, occasionally smacks his lips and almost always moves his head around in a rooting, head butting manner to show he knows what he wants – milk and more of it.

Sleep Schedule – Wins and Losses 

When just about anyone found our we were expecting they said seriously, jokingly or both that we should sleep then as neither we nor the baby would sleep for years. While that’s not exactly what our experience haa been, there have definitely been times when we’d like him to sleep more and he will not. Here he is with his famous one eye open look that had lead us to give him the nickname One Eyed Jack.

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Two Pediatrician Appointments in One Week

When William and I were in the hospital after his birth, we both saw our individual doctors once a day in the morning. I soon learned that newborns have a lot of appointments and William would need to be seen soon the next week. As Dr. V did not have any openings at the beginning of the week, his first post hospital pediatrician visit was with Dr. F.


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Giants 2014 World Series Victory Parade – Throw Back Thursday 

A little over years ago The San Francisco Giants were poised to make history if they could come back from being behind in the World Series games to win on the road in Game 7, a feat no team had done in 42 years. One of their biggest fans, Matt, was cynical at this time and doubted they’d do it, however, the team went onto make history and won their third even year World Series. As it happened Matt and I both had the day off from work the day of their victory parade, him as he’d asked work for the day off to help his mom decorate for his party, and me as I’d asked my supervisor way back when they were in the Division Play Offs if they won if I could have the day off, and so we, along with Candy went to our first victory parade. (A huge thank you to Matt who took most of these photos.)

10658553_1556604711237505_163852115179669258_o (1)

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William’s First Play Date & My First Pumping Try

Every mom I know has told me that I would find other moms so helpful soon after giving birth. It’s been great reaching out to other moms since then, as they are great resources for information and fun. My friend Amber has two young children, one of whom, Phoenix is four months old. I had greatly looked forward to having her come over with Phoenix to see William and to give me some helpful advice.

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