Case Management Program (Formerly Little Stars)

Several weeks ago when trying to find out if our insurance covers prenatal or maternity classes (it doesn’t) the rep recommended a program to me called Little Stars, a program that evoked images like this one of the stars over Carmel the night Matt and I got married in this beautiful picture Candy bought us as an anniversary present.

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Your Baby’s First Word Will be Dada – Book Review 

Last Sunday as part of his Father to Be presents, Candy gave him “Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada” by Jimmy Fallon. This is the first children’s book we have received. In honor of this library starting book, it is my pick for this week’s book review.

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The Summer Effects on My Pregnancy

Last weekend was one of the hottest ones in recent memory for me. Despite the use of sunscreen and being under a canopy, Matt, Candy and I all had some sunburn last Saturday, of which I had the worst perhaps as I’m pregnant. The next day was even hotter at 102-104 degrees (depending on what hour was recorded) and which both broke temperature records for that day and left many without electricity.

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TeamCrush Boutique’s Clip in Colored Extensions – Product Review 

For some time now I’ve enjoyed experimenting with putting different colors in my hair. At first I was using hair chalk to do so, yet it was really messy and tended to get all over surfaces during application and my clothes that I wore. So, taking the advice of a professional hairdresser friend, I switched to hair extensions. I found almost every color I could imagine and yet, I still wanted more variety. To my amazement and delight, I found a shop on Etsy that had clips on in two and even three colors. TeamCrush Boutique, a shop run by Jessia, features clips on in many color combinations including these which I ordered:

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Father to Be Day Celebration 

Today Candy visited Matt and I to help us celebrate Matt’s first Father’s Day as Father to Be. Matt told me it had was a great and new experience to have his coworkers tell wish him a Happy Father’s Day on Friday. Here we had cards, gifts and a special sign I put on a chalkboard to represent our child’s message to him.

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The Halfway Point Milestone and Beyond 

One way my pregnancy has been measured is in time, both the amount I’ve been pregnant and the time left until baby’s estimated due date. Though many people think of pregnancy as nine months, it’s really 40 weeks as the baby is considered two weeks along at Estimated Conception Date. With this in mind, our baby reached the half way point last week, so it’s a good time to show a few more bump photos.

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Walmart Baby Box – Extra Products Shipment Overview and NSPA Body Butter Review 

As detailed last Friday, I received the  Walmart Prenatal Box of which I did an overview. As promised by their rep, I received three more items that they said would be more related to the prenatal time. The items arrived this week shipped in a white bubble wrap envelop and this picture shows what I was sent Npsa Body Butter, Lansinoh Nursing Bads and Bio Oil.

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Shout Outs to Baby 

It’s so much fun for me when people acknowledge my growing bump and baby within. It’s also fun to be able to tell someone who does not yet know as often they have such a wonderful and positive reaction to the news. A few weeks ago I was running errands and happened to go to Starbucks. They were advertising their Smores drinks and as I’m an avid fan of them, I wanted to have one, yet had to ask if it was possible to get one made decaf as I was expecting. The barista suggested she make me a cream version which would have no coffee at all in it, and it was delicious. I didn’t even realize at first the shout out she gave Baby Perri with a +1 on the name. It made an already Starbucks visit even better to find it there.

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20 Week OB Appointment 

The second appointment of the week was with Dr. G. I had followed his directions to take several blood pressure readings for him between this visit and our last one three weeks ago. I brought the blood pressure cuff with us to make sure I was doing it right, in particular as I had gotten results that varied a lot. His nurse, Martha, helped demonstrate the proper way to put it on for us.

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Anatomy Scan

This week I had two baby related appointments. The first was was Maternal Fetal Medicine and has many names. It’s known as a 20 week scan though it’s possible to have it done from 18 – 20 weeks 6 days, an anatomy scan, a detail scan and in some places and countries the anomaly scan. To me calling it the detail scan makes lots of sense as they do take many pictures of details of the bay including this one which is the feet, which I wouldn’t have been able to figure out for posting purposes had it not been labeled for me.


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