Attending a Friend’s Baby Shower Before My Pregnancy Announcment 

This year Matt and I were delighted to hear our friends The Barrs were expecting. Matt grew up with the mother to be’s husband, living on his street. We’d attended their wedding and they attended ours years later with the wife singing a song at our reception. This was the first baby shower of the year for me with a twist, the first one I was attending while pregnant myself.

The shower had a camping, hunting and moose theme. Red lanterns, antlers and outdoor touches were everywhere for the shower for their soon to be born son.

The dessert table in particular looked like something straight out of a magazine article.

I arrived early and was able to ask tell the guest of honor’s sister that I was expecting (and that the honoree did not know) and ask what foods to avoid. While I had to avoid the champagne, and deli meat wrap sandwiches, there were lots of good fruit and veggies choices including pasta salad, vegetarian wrap and fresh vegetable and pasta salad.

The honoree came around from table to table and it was great to see her. With food on the brain I asked what foods she missed and she replied alcohol, sushi and deli meat sandwiches with the sandwiches being what she missed most. For me it is sushi, which I’d expected to be her answer as well. When I recapped this story to Matt later his guess would have been alcohol.

The gifts were opened in a room featuring adorable onesies overhead.

Candy was originally supposed to attend with me. However last night she became ill with a fever and cough so she stayed home so as not to get the honoree and I sick. She did such a great job of wrapping the gifts from Matt, herself and I with a sign saying baby and heart necklace as toppers.

The invitation said to bring a book in place of a card, so the one from Matt and I was a copy of The Velveteen Rabbit, one of my childhood favorites, with a boy on it with hair very similar to the mother to be’s hair.

Their son is extra special as he is a rainbow baby, one conceived after a pregnancy loss. His mom had previously been pregnant with twins and lost one to miscarriage and the other due to her being born too prematurely. To celebrate this new life, the parents to be had many pics taken with rainbows.

Several guests followed along with some giving presents with rainbows on them, wrapped in rainbows or both.

The honoree mentioned not having to be careful breaking ribbons at her party, referencing the bridal party game where every broken ribbon represents a baby you will have. She mentioned breaking three at that party and commented it was accurate representing her two angel babies and this one on the way. I broke only one at mine even though I was trying to break more and the ribbon game seems to be holding true for me also, though I did not tell her that.

I do know that the mother to be and her husband will be thrilled for us when they hear our news which we will share with the world in May. I’m the meantime I greatly enjoyed the shower and was happy to be part of it.


45 year old mother to our infant son, William, with my husband, Matt. We live in California with our mischievous cat, Inky. I love our local sports teams (Go Giants! Go Sharks!), photography, the beach, WWE, reading and now spending lots of time as a family with one kid and one cat.

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