Pregnancy and Job Changes 

Ever since December 2016 I’d been working at a company I’ll call Company A, through an employment agency I’ll call Employer E. While I had known when I accepted the assignment that it was a temporary position, there had been talk that there might be an extension. Unfortunately due to budget shortfall, myself and all others had our contracts end early.

Luckily when I called Employer E they found me a short-term assignment starting the next day that would last till the end of the week. Working at Company B was great, the job was a very simple receptionist one with lots of free time. There was so much free time that the person supervising me suggested I surf the Internet. As long as I answered the phone, emails and got our visitors situated, I could be online as much as I wanted if I stuck to G rated websites. So, I ended up doing a lot of job hunting for my next assignment while at Company B (with their full knowlege and blessing, heck I was asked how the job search was going).

A few days in, a new potential employer, Employer F, said they had a company that was doing interviews. Unfortunately, the company wanted to interview that week, when I was already committed to B, and was unable to meet with me before or after my shift. Luckily, Employer E had a new assignment for me at Company C which I begin next week.

I had originally thought I’d be blogging this week about the challenges of job hunting while pregnant including how to pick interview clothes when you have a bump starting to show. However, I did talk to many agencies, I hadn’t had a single interview for B or C. When I spoke to Employer F, they had recommended that I dress in business casual, when I described the outfit above they said it would be fine and that most women don’t wear a full business suit with blazer to interviews in their experience, perhaps this is due to the culture here in California.

~ Danielle


45 year old mother to our infant son, William, with my husband, Matt. We live in California with our mischievous cat, Inky. I love our local sports teams (Go Giants! Go Sharks!), photography, the beach, WWE, reading and now spending lots of time as a family with one kid and one cat.

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