Secrets of the Baby Whisperer – Book Review 

I’ve been intrigued by the concept of this boo ever since I bought it at a used bookstore on our babymoon getaway. In this book Tracy Hogg, classifies most babies as being in one of five types: Angel, Textbook, Grumpy, Touchy and Spirited, though some can have characteristics of more than one type.

In order to determine what of baby you have (or baby’s dominant type) there is a quiz that she recommends having at least two people take separately and compare answers. While it’s too soon to tell with baby in utero, it was fun reading about possible baby reactions to all sorts of stimuli that who’d put them in each category.

One of the most important concepts Hogg stresses is respecting your baby by letting him or her know when you will be changing how you interact with them such as to change them. She raises the excellent point that if an adult was approached suddenly while they were lying down and their feet lifted up they would be startled, an experiment she has done in parents classes with amusing and predictable results. While the concept make sense she does not say if you are to always do this, do it for say six months or some other time period.

She also explains how babies all do better with routine and how to use her recommended method of EASY for Eat, Activity, Sleep and Yourself (time for the parents as baby sleeps. She made sure explain how EASY effects the five baby types.

Additionally when baby cries she recommends her SLOW method to help them for Stop, Listen, Observe and What’s Up. This method is also explored with how the effect the five baby types.

With all the things this book includes some were missing that I would like to have seen, such as if you do have a child who tends between more than one baby type, how would these techniques work with them. I also would have loved to have seen more on how to deal with twins or having two close in age young kids in the same house especially if the behavior of one effects the other. I also would have loved an anectdote or two about how she found out she was wrong about a baby’s type and/or has to rethink how to deal with them as her boasts of always being able to determine the baby and method to relate to them seemed hyberbolic.

The book being written in 2001 has some dated references notably cordless phones and VCRs, yet it’s point about truly focusing on your kids and not splitting your attention between them and another activity is very relevant to today’s age of portable electronics everywhere.

Rating – four baby booties out of five


45 year old mother to our infant son, William, with my husband, Matt. We live in California with our mischievous cat, Inky. I love our local sports teams (Go Giants! Go Sharks!), photography, the beach, WWE, reading and now spending lots of time as a family with one kid and one cat.

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