So You’re Gonna Be a Dad – Now What? – Book Review

Candy and I both gave Matt books for his Father to Be Day on Sunday. I chose “So You’re Gonna Be a Dad – Now What?” by Scott Patchin as the first one to review. This book is short, only 78 pages of advice, so it could be read in one quick reading if desired, or even skimmed through then read carefully again at another time.


The author uses both humor and experience to present many topics of interest to the father to be. He is the father of four children, two boys and two girls. Additionally he works as a career and leadership coach, so his breezy way of presenting information is great for someone who needs information presented in a fun and relatable manner.

One of the main features of the book is that it’s truly a workbook with questions for the father to be to ask himself to learn as he goes along. The first page encourages the giver to write encouraging things to the recipient (which I had a lot of fun doing for Matt) or if bought by the father to be himself gives him a chance to start writing on the topic then and there.

A lot of the topics were fun and very informative. The author tackles subjects like comparing yourself to other dads, having humor about dividing up chores such as changing dirty diapers, that parents do not “babysit” their own kids and what the youngest kids are really thinking and what they are not. At the end of each chapter some questions for reflection are included and space to write and explore.

The strength of the book can also be its weakness. As the dad of both boys and girls, I expected more advice about gender differences and similarities and what was in there was very scarce. Other topics seemed like they could have used information on more than just the author’s children and one of another set of parents he knew. Additionally the website resource owned by the author (and presumably the associated email address) also no longer go to a working website.

Matt hasn’t had a chance to read the book yet, in large part as I borrowed it to read and review it, but when he has I will include his thoughts and rating as well. In the meantime, my rating as a giver and mom to be is: four baby booties out of five.

~ Danielle


45 year old mother to our infant son, William, with my husband, Matt. We live in California with our mischievous cat, Inky. I love our local sports teams (Go Giants! Go Sharks!), photography, the beach, WWE, reading and now spending lots of time as a family with one kid and one cat.

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