24 Week Checkup 

Yesterday Matt and I went to see Dr. G. As Candy was out of town, it was just us at the appointment. We were taken in early and while waiting for the doctor, Matt wanted to try to feel our baby moving around. S/he wasn’t moving at that time and was potentially sleeping.

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24 Weeks – Size of an Ear of Corn

This week our baby is 24 weeks, about a foot long or the size of an ear of corn. For comparison I put the corn next to one a fruit cup of mangoes, one of my favorite fruits and judging by baby’s turning in my stomach when I last had some, one of his or hers as well.

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24 Weeks Milestone – Viability 

Preganancy is full of lots of wonderful milestones. I reached one I’ve been waiting eagerly for on Friday that of 24 weeks. This day is often referred to as one of viability in that if the baby were to be born at that point there is a high chance of survival, depending on sources cited it’s 50-70%. In honor of baby’s viability today’s post features bump pictures of recent weeks.

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