Celebrating Easter – Religious and Secular Aspects

In years past I’ve often spent more time and energy on the secular parts of holy days than the religious aspects, despite that being their true purpose. It’s been too long since I’d attended an Easter service at all, so I was thrilled that Pastor Jane had a half hour sunrise service this morning.

It was a beautiful mass that attended so many people more chairs needed to be added. It was great to be part of such a dedicated group. It was my first day out wearing a maternity top from my Target shopping and jeans from Macy’s, and while several parishioners who know I’m expecting asked how I and/or baby were doing, no one made comments about the clothing changes.

After church it was time to celebrate with family. Aunt Carol who is excited for me and will be the baby’s great aunt, told my cousin Alysse and he husband and daughters the news today. I looked forward to sharing with my extended family through Matt in person.

Great Uncle Harv and Great Uncle Bev were unable to attend today, so we went to their house first. They were thrilled for us and were happy to pose for a photo with the framed sonogram pics I used to tell them our good news.

After our visit it was time to go to Aunt Gina and Uncle Pat’s house for Easter celebration and food. Their Easter decor embraced both the secular and religious aspects.

Matt and I even had our pictures taken with Alan who dressed up as his interpretation of the Easter Bunny and Mad Hatter hybrid, he would be leading the Easter Egg hunt.

Matt’s family is big on Easter eggs, Candy even made one for our baby in green as she doesn’t know the gender.

Before dinner it was time to break the news. Uncle Pat helped me by setting up after his prayers an intro that I would talk about one more thing to be grateful for. Here is the video Matt shot complet with some happy tears from me and family reactions.


~ Danielle

Author: Over40FirstTimeMom.com

45 year old mother to our infant son, William, with my husband, Matt. We live in California with our mischievous cat, Inky. I love our local sports teams (Go Giants! Go Sharks!), photography, the beach, WWE, reading and now spending lots of time as a family with one kid and one cat.

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