Products Review – ROQ and URKOAZ Silicone Wedding Bands 

Every Friday I will review a product, and in some cases two similar products, that relate to pregnancy or parenthood. This first review will be on a category of product I have a lot of experience with, silicone wedding bands. As is the case with many women, pregnancy has swelled up my fingers, and wanting to continue to wear bands without having to worry about it being cut off, I tried many different bands.

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Statistics, Pregnancy & Maternal Age 

A few days ago Debbie, a friend whom I’ve known since early childhood, and with whom I’ve shared our good news, sent me a meme that showed my name as one of the top 20 to get pregnant in 2017, and upon research there was a scientific and statistical study behind the choices.

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Looking and Acting Our Ages, or Not 

It has often happened to me since childhood that people have underestimated my age. I have people tell me they think I was younger by a lot, sometimes even by a decade or so. I also have heard often that I have a young sounding voice, to the point where a telemarketer just a few weeks ago asked me if they could speak to my parents instead. So it was especially funny when Matt put my age on the decorations for my event birthday, which I don’t remember him doing before.

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The Resistance and Insurance and Maternity vs Prenatal Definitions 

Ever since January of 2017,  I’ve been a proud member of what some people refer to as The Resistance, a group dedicated to protesting the current Presidential Administration.

It was my privilege to participate in several rallies including The Women’s March in San Jose, CA, where my friend Mei Hsei and I served as Peace Advisors, and due to how peaceful the record breaking crowd and observers were ended up only be utilized for crowd direction alongside several members of the SJPD. The last rally I took place in was the Not My President’s Day event at SJ City Hall. I also proudly mailed out fifteen postcards for the Ides of Trump to flood The White House with messages of dissent. Continue reading “The Resistance and Insurance and Maternity vs Prenatal Definitions “

Our baby growing and reaching fetal stage 

This weekend Matt and I took our first photos with the food that represented the size of our growing embryo (as chosen by the wonderful Baybcenter app). Candy, my MIL, who always thoughtfully has lots of food for her guests, had breakfast selected with great healthy items especially for me, including  assorted bagels, cream cheese and a fruit assortment. Upon noticing the blueberries, one of my favorite fruit, I had as inspired to create this first one.

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