Remembering Aunt Bev – Throw Back Thursday 

Two days ago my family lost someone very dear to us, Matt’s Great Aunt Beverly. Matt, I, and a few in our family knew her affectionately and simply Aunt Bev. When this Easter it was time to tell my extended family our pregnancy news, it was so great to be able to tell her and Uncle Harvey and I know she was so happy for us and looking forward to meeting our child. Cancer may have cut her life short, but today’s Throw Back Thursday is dedicated to the happy memories I have of her.

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Our Wedding – Throw Back Thursday

Our wedding day was one of the happiest of our lives. In addition to living on in memories, our day lives on in the over 1000 photos our amazing photographer, Chance James took. Ironically, though we’ve now been married a year, we haven’t ordered a wedding album yet, though I did consider it as an anniversary present. There were so many wonderful images that tell our story. We were married on Monastery Beach on Carmel by the Sea. It was a beautiful and cool day.

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Nike Women’s Half Marathon 2010 – Throw Back Thursday (TBT)

October 2017 will be the seventh anniversary of my running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon with my good friend, Kathy. In addition to making memories, the experience and the previous day’s race associated activities were captured by our friend Rachel Kumar. Her work can be seen at Shot by Rachel. All photos taken by and used with permission of Rachel. She did a wonderful job capturing everything in a documentary style including this active shot in which my eyes are closed, something common for me in photos.

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