Church with Bell Choir and Shepherd Duty

I was excited to start receiving the email to be a Shepherd in church again. I’d greatly enjoyed the opportunity to help with the children’s ministry while pregnant. I had told Peggy Joy that if William was in a happy mood (or was sleeping) he’d been joining us, however, if he was in a fussy mood I would put him in the church’s nursery. She had said he was OK to stay either way, however, I told her if he was fussy it would be distracting for the children. The first test was the music played, as depending on the song played and instruments used, this may or may not have effected his mood. So I was delighted to see it was one of our church’s rare times to use the beautiful and soft sounding bell choir.

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Godmother and Godbrother Visit

Since we were unable to see them for Valentine’s Day, Matt and I were thrilled to be able to schedule and see William’s Godmother, Kristi, and Tyler, one of his Godbrothers for a visit in their beautiful home.

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Little Teether – Product Review 

One product type that Matt and I have tried many of is teethers. We know William is definitely teething and try all we can to help him with the associated pain relief. Still, despite trying a Teething Egg and Organic Teething Toys, we hadn’t found one that was perfect for him. So, I was definitely skeptical of the Little Teether toy that was part of William’s Bluum boy this month. I was intrigued that it came in a soft, reusable pouch, perfect for keeping the toy clean when transporting in a bag.

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Valentines Day 2016 – Throw Back Thursday

Two years ago Valentine’s Day fell on a Sunday, and Matt and I went out to celebrate at a location that was to be a surprise for me. This was somewhat of a tradition for us, with Matt picking our anniversary and Valentine’s Day locations and surprising me with them on the day of. I put on my heart shaped glasses and was excited to find out where we were going.

It turns out our destination was Sociale, an upscale restaurant in San Francisco that Matt’s family had once owned a part of. I was thrilled to be going as I’d heard so much about it before our visit.

This was the view from outside the charming restaurant.

Inside the decor was simple and elegant. The pink candles were a beautiful centerpiece on the tables.

Sociale had a special tasting menu. We made sure to order all different items so we could try many things that had to offer. Both the taste and the presentation was exquisite.

Afterwards Matt wanted to try one more place, though he wasn’t certain if they were open. He made a call and soon we were off to our second surprise destination, The Tonga Room in the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.

At first we were told that it was pretty much standing room only. We put our names on a table list just in case, and somehow they came to get us in less than 20 minutes to tell us a table had been found for us.

Inside the decor is one big Tiki Lounge. They have artificial rain come down randomly. In the center, a little boat comes out with musicians who entertain the crowd.

We tried several drinks including Mai Tais, Hurricanes and more.

We would have loved to have stayed even later than we did, but we both had to work the next day. So we took one last photo in the hotel lobby.

I really love that even though we had to work the next day,  we had a great and long evening. With us now getting up earlier for work then we did then and having William, we probably wouldn’t do such a long date night if the next day was a work day. Still, in 2019 Valentine’s Day is a Friday, so perhaps we will do a long date that night as well.

~ Danielle

The Magic of Children – Book Review 

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I really love the variety of books I’ve found at my church’s book swap table. The book “the Magic of Children – Beautiful Writings About the Wonderful World of Children” immediately caught my attention.

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William is Sixteen Weeks – Four Months 

The description of what to expect this week is right on for William. He’s always been a baby who likes to grab out at and hold things, and he’s especially been holding his bottle when given the chance lately.


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Scouts Day at Church and Scouting Changes 

It took me a bit longer to get William settled down so we could go to church today. I had debated bringing him into service with me, but as he’d been crying so hard on and off from teething pain (even after trying Infant Tylenol and teething toys), so I put him into the church nursery. As a result, I missed the opening candle lighting by a Girl Scout. The special service featured local Cub and Boy Scouts including Tim, who leads a Boy Scout pack and his son, Riley, a Boy Scout.

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San Jose Beer Walk and Clandestine Brewery Opening 

Every once in a while I’ll go and enjoy something in real time more than I’ll take lots of photos to remember it. This weekend Matt and I joined by our friends Steve and Cora attended two events this weekend in which I did just that, in fact, most of the photos for this entry were taken after the event. The first event we went to was the Downtown San Jose Beer Walk as part of the SJ Beer Week 2018.

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Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes – Product Review 

The Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes is a product I’ve meant to review for a long time. It was a gift from Katie for my shower, one of the items on my registry. Both my aunt and cousin had recommended Baby Einstein products as wonderful ones to have for a growing baby.

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