Easter Basket Shopping

For a few weeks now I’ve wondered what kind of Easter basket to have for William. Part of me, the part that bought custom shirts for our honeymoon, and special ornaments for our first year together as Mr. and Mrs. and then custom My First Christmas ornaments for William, had debated getting a similar Easter basket. I saw this on Amazon and was thisclose to pushing the button to buy it.


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William is Twenty One Weeks Old

Sometimes the week by week baby predictors are just spot on.  This weeks is, though in large part, that’s because William is such a happy baby overall. I have more photos of him smiling than not, and everyone always comments what a happy baby he is.


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First Bath in a Full Bathtub

Some baby milestones are developmental ones, others are little firsts within their environment along the way. William has until today always had the bath’s that Candy gave him in a sink with his bath sponge there to hold him in place. Today for the first time ever she decried that he was too big for her sink, and so it was time to use the sponge and put him the regular bathtub.

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St. Patrick’s Day Birthday and Pub Crawl

This year for the first time since Matt and I had come up to the Pleasanton for the St. Patrick’s Day Beer Crawl, my birthday, which is on St. Patrick’s Day and the event were both on a Saturday. We were so excited to get to spend the weekend together for this with some friends and family. Candy even bought William a special outfit to mark the occasion.

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Cloud B On The Go Sleep Sheep Sound Soother – Product Review

One of the coolest parts of my pregnancy was our multiple trips to see what toys and things we’d need for our child. It was fun to try and anticipate what we would need or want along with what things were cool but we, or our child, wouldn’t truly use. Some I did extensive research on, some were recommended by store representatives, and occasionally, I’d have a gut feeling that I just needed something in particular. One such project I was sure we needed was the Cloud B On The Go Sleep Sheep Sound Soother.

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2017 Pleasanton St. Patrick’s Day Beer Crawl – Throw Back Thursday

Three years ago, Matt and I discovered what has since become an annual tradition, The Pleasanton St. Patrick’s Day Beer Crawl. For several hours the town has many shops that serve beer tastings and participants go from one to another to enjoy the beer, have snacks and fun along the way. The first year we learned some people really dress up for it, so I had green extensions to put in my hair and a special shirt which read Team Perri Lifetime Member. The shirt was all the more appropriate as I had learned I was expecting since it arrived.

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Fun Interacting with Older Kids

I’m an only child as are all of my cousins on my mom and dad’s sides. However, growing up it seemed like there were less only children then I encounter in today’s world. I’ve heard parents of onlies should make an extra effort to let them play with other children growing up to build their social skills and networks. One of the best parts about William attending day care three days a week and being looked after in the church’s nursery on Sundays is getting to meet other kids.

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Twenty Weeks of Breastfeeding, Pumping and Supplementing

Being a mom is definitely a learning experience. While I never thought I knew everything about it, part of why I bought and borrowed so many books on parenting before I gave birth, I did think I knew quite a lot about the breastfeeding journey and what mine would look like. This picture is a modified Tree of Life made for me using a photo of from a nursing session in the hospital, emphasizing how important breast milk is. It turns out many things I thought I knew were wrong for me and my son.

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William is Twenty Weeks Old

It never fails to amaze me how fast the the time is growing with William. Even though his growing body and new expressions remind me, the time just flies by.  As friends have told us, if you blink it will seem like years have gone by and now he’s staring kindergarten. While that’s an exaggeration of course, it really is amazing how much time has elapsed.


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William Meets Laura at Breakfast

It’s amazing how you see some friends often and some friends only now and then, and yet you still have a strong friendship with those you only see here and there. Several years ago I met Laura and then schedules made it so we rarely got to see each other, though we did stay in touch through online means. Our schedules finally synched up so she could meet William, of whom she had seen so many photos.

We arranged to meet at The Original Pancakes house, a favorite place for us both.

As usual, the popular place had a long line of people waiting to be seated. I got there early to get on the list. As the place was crowded, I had William’s stroller up near the cash register while we waited to get seated.

As promised, we were seated rather quickly, perhaps as the owner loves little babies. She, along with both waitresses on duty the last time I went in, at about eight months pregnant, all correctly guessed I was carrying a boy.

Laura was fascinated with William. He, on the other hand, was a bit distracted by all the people and noise around him.

When her order arrived, he had to be held back from wanting to try the dish in front of him.

As usual, I got my favorite clam pancakes with a side order of crispy bacon. I rarely get bacon in restaurants as it’s not usually crispy, yet I knew this place had good bacon.

Laura had brought along a gift, just perfect for this time of year, a soft white stuffed bunny.

While William tends to favor toys he knows well, he did enjoy the bunny later when he realized how soft it was.

~ Danielle