William is Six Months Old / Twenty Six Weeks

William is twenty six weeks old today, making him six months old or half a year in age. Where has the time gone? Even people who were there with me the week I gave birth are amazed at how fast this has all felt. William is a spirited, active, determined baby who I love watching grow and develop.


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Sitting in the Shopping Cart

Matt and I almost always do grocery shopping on Sunday evenings. Tonight he told me as William was almost six months (his official day being six months is tomorrow), that perhaps it was time to shop with him sitting up more. At first, I thought Matt meant in the stroller without the car seat, but he meant directly in the cart top basket part.

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On Fridays We Speak Spanish

William loves new places and experiences. I’ve jokingly called his trips to see Maribel his Disneyland as there are always so many fun activities for him as well as at least one other boy, usually two around. In addition to having fun he also is learning, especially as we started a new tradition a month ago, with Fridays being Spanish only days.

Maribel is a native Spanish speaker, whereas I speak it only a little (un poco). Most of the Spanish I know is from high school, though it occurred to me yesterday that I can have Siri help me with translations. I had the program translate this for me as William seemed a bit confused to be put in his stroller.


Maribel loves speaking to him in Spanish. One of the other children that she watches speaks it to her a lot also. He looks at Maribel so intently when she speaks to him in English or Spanish. I’ve read that by six months, babies brains have developed to be more receptive to the language or languages they hear often.

Here she is trying to sing to him and show him how to dance a bit as well.

He couldn’t really decide if he should look at her or me, his mom who is always photographing him.

With Spanish only Fridays, he’s getting a lot of practice. Today Matt worked late, so I had to pick him up and he got even more hours of Spanish immersion. With lots of Spanish on Friday and her switching between English and Spanish both on Wednesdays and Thursdays, he gets a lot of practice from a native Speaker. Candy and I speak to him a bit in Spanish. Hopefully he enjoys it as entertainment and I way to learn.

~ Danielle

Portrait Session at Church

A few months ago my church had started advertising photo sessions to put new members in the directory. We were invited to come, however, all the sessions were at hours that I was working. Bonnie really wanted me to be able to be included, so she made sure there were evening hours. The session start time was a bit after William’s bedtime, however, so I wasn’t sure how cranky he’d be.

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Sick Girl – Book Review

Amazon recommends products to me based on my buying history all the time. It had been a while since it had recommended a book for me that I felt intrigued enough to buy. The premise of “Sick Girl” a psychological book with some dark turns was enough to get me to give the Kindle version a shot. Two women, with very different lives, both have cancer. One, Aubrey, is obsessed with the other woman, Melissa’s, husband and wants to help the other’s demise speed up so she can take the other woman’s place for the rest of her life. Some reviewers said the book had an amazing twist ending, and that was the final nudge I needed to give it a chance.


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